A Different World Cast Surprises Texas HBCU With $100K Scholarship

A ‘Different World’ continues its impact on the culture.

The cast of the iconic sitcom A Different World visited Southwestern Christian College with a surprise $100,000 scholarship check.



The generous award was a part of Ford’s Ultimate Homecoming Takeover initiative. The project empowers Black students to further their education and strengthen programs at historically Black colleges and universities nationwide.

The cast—which consisted of Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Cree Summer, and Darryl Bell–participated in a panel discussion about the significance of Black colleges and universities as well as the impact of the show.

Guy spoke on her love for the show saying, “I love the diversity of the cast. Usually, actors are the Black person on a show, and it’s very hard to represent everything about Black people in one person. We had different classes, different colorings, different backgrounds, different aspirations and that’s one thing I loved about A Different World. It showed the true spirit about what being Black is and that it is diverse within itself.”

The cast, however, isn’t foreign in the act of giving back. Earlier this year, they helped award nine schools a total of $360,000 in grants.


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