“A Big Buff BUST Out There” | Gilbert Arenas Roasts Kwame Brown For Coming For LeBron Over Stat Sheet

The drama between Kwame Brown and Gilbert Arenas is not slowing down soon. On Wednesday, Kwame decided to lend his expansive opinion on LeBron James’ decision to look at a stat sheet on the sideline during the Lakers’ 127-119 home loss to the Grizzlies on Jan. 9, and Gilbert Arenas was not feeling it.

(James finished with 35 points in that game, and Russell Westbrook, seen in the clip looking on uneasily as James checked the numbers, finished with six points on 2-for-12 shooting.)


“Because I played since little league, since high school, and all the high school coaches around the world can attest to this. They would never, high school, college, or whatever, they would never allow a player to watch a stat sheet on a bench, especially while they’re losing.

“What is that stat sheet teaching you? It’s not teaching you anything. I used to make sure if we lost a game, I wouldn’t let nobody on our bus touch a stat sheet. We lost. What the f— are we looking at the stats for?

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“So for LeBron to be looking at the stat sheet on the bench, for all you young guys out there, I’m not taking away anything from the way he plays the basketball game. He’s still great. He’s still going to go down in history as a great player. But that was the wrong message to send. That was horrible, and none of you players should ever emulate that.”Kwame threw in that “Kobe would’ve never done that

Of course, “No Chill Gil” Gilbert Arenas heard the chatter and decided to keep the beef cooking between Brown and himself. Two days after Kwame made his remarks on Instagram, Arenas took to the same platform to roast Brown in a lengthy post.

“Ur right #kobe would have NEVER looked at the stat sheet becuz he KNEW yo ass had 0,” Arenas wrote. “The whole arena knew u had a @krispykreme (donut) extra glaze with the hot light on clown. You were a professional exerciser, a big buff BUST out there doing cardio.”

Arenas has borne the brunt of Brown’s wrath since he called Brown a show pony during the “All The Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

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Brown has insulted and criticized all three, but Gilbert Arenas has a special place in Brown’s messy list. However, he is here to prove his moniker and have no chill when clapping at Kwame.

“I have 54 minutes of who u were as a wizard nothing but truth supported by facts and articles so let’s not do this anymore OKAY?” Arenas wrote at the time. “Bra you were booed by EVERY CITY u played for, how are u gonna win an internet battle with me Them fans nicknamed u ‘boo boo brown’ becuz u played like some sh-t and u want SMOKE with me? not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court just yo hoe as tendencies on the court.”

Brown and Arenas are inadvertently setting up interest for more toxicity. Still, unless they decide to do a charity boxing match, this can only get uglier with no resolution in sight.

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