‘You’ve Still Got To Stop It’: Deion Sanders Downplays Michigan Football Signal Stealing Scandal, Colorado Coach Chalks It Up To ‘Getting An Edge’  

The Michigan Wolverines are ranked No. 2 in college football after making the College Football Playoff the last two seasons.

Many believe this Wolverines team has the program’s best chance at winning its first national championship since 1997. Led by head coach Jim Harbaugh, the “Maize and Blue” embody physical play and discipline, with a plethora of talent as well.

Michigan Sign-Stealing Scandal?

Late last week a report was released that the program allegedly has been stealing the signs of other Big Ten opponents.

While Harbaugh and his staff vehemently deny any wrongdoing, videos of what is being alleged show otherwise.

With a program assistant going to games at other Big Ten stadiums and reportedly using his cellphone to record things to give the Wolverines a competitive advantage, it suggests that there may be some thievery going on.

One person who knows about sign stealing is Pro Football Hall of Famer and Colorado head coach Deion Sanders. The legendary defensive back also played Major League Baseball, so he knows all about sign stealing. During his Tuesday presser, Sanders, when asked for his thoughts on the scandal, was pretty straightforward in his response. 


Sanders Doesn’t Believe It Helped The Wolverines Much On The Field

“Everyone’s trying to get an edge,” Sanders said. “You can have someone’s whole game plan. They can mail it to you, you’ve still got to stop it. … In football, it’s not as pronounced as baseball. If I know a curveball is coming, I’ve got you. 

“With football, I don’t give a dern if you know a sweep is coming, you’ve got to stop it, physically,” he explained. “It’s a physical game, so that’s tough. I don’t buy into a lot of that stuff. … You’ve still got to play the game.”

True words spoken by Coach Prime, who’s never been afraid to give his opinion or provide a take. 

Was Colorado On The Receiving End Of Something Like This?

Earlier this season, as an undefeated Colorado Buffaloes team under Coach Prime prepared to face the Oregon Ducks, FS1 analyst and former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson says he heard other teams consulted with the Ducks to help game plan for the Buffs. 

When Johnson made the proclamation, it sounded a little far-fetched, for many reasons, but mainly because the Ducks are much better than Colorado, so why would they need to do that. Their 42-6 win further proved that what Johnson was spewing might’ve been more clickbait than actual truth. 

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