“You’re Cheap! … What Kind Of Man Are You?”| Stephen A. Smith Drags Dan Orlovsky For Making Wife Fly Coach Back Home After Super Bowl 

It was comedy central on Monday morning’s “First Take” episode, and co-host Dan Orlovsky was the subject of a roast for the ages.

While discussing the impact of Tom Brady’s decision to un-retire just 40 days after he announced his retirement from the NFL, the 38-year-old Orlovsky let it be known that since he left the league in 2017, he personally enjoys staying home and doing the dishes and laundry. “Being home for me is cool,” Orlovsky said.

Dan Orlovsky isn’t knocking Tom Brady’s decision to return to NFL, but the former pro QB says he enjoys being home with the kids. (Photo: @dorlovsky/IG)

Stephen A. Smith then took the entire conversation left and started roasting Orlovsky’s choices as a husband.

“This from the guy that has his wife in coach,” said Smith, leaving co-hosts Louis Riddick and Molly Qerim in stitches. “It’s unbelievable. This guy, of all people.” 

Orlovsky tries to defend himself, saying he isn’t even 40 years old yet, implying that he doesn’t need the leg space that older guys like Stephen A need. “I have to earn that,” Orlovsky joked. 

“You fly coach (then),” SAS shouted. “The wife needs to be in first class, ya’ cheapskate. I thought I taught you some things. I mean, my God. How cheap can you be? You’re cheap. … She’s the priority. You don’t have her in coach. Put her in first class. She’s earned that.” 

Louis Riddick interjected because he needed some of the backstory to understand Smith’s tirade. 

Smith explained how Orlovsky is working, flying around the country to various assignments, making good money and thriving at ESPN, but when it comes to things such as plane tickets, he wants to “cut corners just to save a few pennies in his pockets and then comes on national TV and brags about how he’s cheap, Louis.”

Dan Orlovsky and kids support mother Tiffany after her 10 mile run. (Photo:@dorlovsky/IG)

Orlovsky, a former 12-year NFL quarterback who served as Matt Stafford‘s backup with the Detroit Lions from 2014-2016, went to the Super Bowl, to cover the big game and see his boy Stafford win his first Lombardi Trophy (23-20 over the Cincinnati Bengals). Orlovsky took his wife, Tiffany, along.

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Stafford became the first QB with three TD passes for the winning team to not be the Most Valuable Player, but in the Orlovsky’s he has some most valuable friends.

After the festive L.A. Rams victory, Orlovsky and his wife had to take the red eye back the next day because he had to be at ESPN in the morning. According to Qerim, Orlovsky was all upset and lamenting that he couldn’t see the replay of the game on the plane back. SAS was perplexed as to why not, assuming that Orlovsky was traveling first class where he would have access to a bed and TV, among other plush amenities. 

That’s when Orlovsky dropped the bomb that he was sitting middle row with his wife in coach.

“Under those circumstances, you should’ve just paid the extra cash,” Qerim said. “I agree with Stephen A on this one.” 

They went on to clown Orlovsky for standing 6 feet 5 and squeezing into the middle seat while subjecting his wife to his miserly ways.  

Orlovsky just smiled and said, “Money saved, Molly. Money saved.”

“What about the wife?” Stephen A asked before moving onto the next topic. “What kind of man are you? What kind of man are you?
“Put her in first class if you can afford to put her in first class. You don’t cut corners with her. This is shameful. Just shameful.”

Tiffany Orlovsky probably got a kick out of this segment, and something tells us she will be flying first class from now on. 


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