Your Weekend In Tweets: 4/29/2013

Russell Westbrook became the latest star player added to the "out for the season" list. That injury has made the Western Conference a wide open race. Spurs were dominant against a defeated Lakers team, a team that was so defeated its star player, Dwight Howard got himself ejected. Steph Curry has now become a household name, as he should have been years ago.

LeBron and Miami kept rolling and Knicks ran into a snag without JR Smith. The NFL Draft continued and we saw just as many big names come off the board in the latter rounds as we did in the first. A lot of experts have been down on this draft, but I feel we’ll see major contributions from these guys. There were some good players taken this weekend. This was also a great weekend for boxing and UFC. Jon Bones Jones showed, again, why he’s the best thing going today, and Zab Judah won more respect in the defeat than he did in some wins. As good as this weekend in sports was, it wouldn’t be the same without Twitter. So with no further wait, here are the best Tweets of the weekend.


Make the most of it.

I wouldn’t go that, far but she is dope.

If that’s hard times, I’ll take those hard times.

They tried!

It’s part of the charm.

It was just another boring 30-point night for LeBron.

This wasn’t even fair.

We see how that worked out.

How do you really feel, Magic?

There is more to this story.

What happens when y’all see each other again?

Give us a show!

You are a BAD man, Sir.

Odds should have been higher.

He was valiant in defeat.

Maybe they were Spurs fans.

Well, at least one of them actually played, this year.

That won’t happen for a while.

For that second-rate organization?

He walks right into them.

He’s incredible.

Not the only reason, but it makes him look bad.

Somebody has to do it.

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