Your Weekend In Tweets: 11.12.12


We’ve seen this movie before.



A lot can change in two days.



I like Oregon State’s In & Out Burger runs better.



Sumlin is a great coach but this is ridiculous.



Those rouge students are everywhere.



Maybe they’ll sell it in the concession stands.



You gotta fight for that inch.



Yet another reason to get real pizza and leave that mess alone.



It would be great if he could keep it up.



I’d have gone Apollo style called out the Sandman.



Neither of you deserved a win so a tie is appropriate



Wouldn’t be me.



Would you have said this if you were still in the league?



Bet he’s wishing he would’ve waited to take this job.



He got suspended for a conversation.



Did he get it, though?


Who are they going to guard?



Much respect, Sir.




The only thing you’re close to is a vacation.




You play at Maryland. Your slander is therefore void.








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