Your Weekend In Tweets: 1.14.13

The Atlanta Falcons came out and shut up their critics for a week with a playoff win. Ray Lewis and the Ravens live to fight another day. Argo was a big winner on the Golden Globe scene and Jodie Foster nearly destroyed Twitter with her speech. It was a great weekend in sports and entertainment.


Best picture of the weekend.

Your team played a hell of a game.

You aren’t the problem, Arian.

How about you catch a pass first?

He’s paid the cost to the boss.

You sure you want to do this, Brendon?

Wow! So you’re going to keep going?

You do realize this is Brady and Bellichek you’re messing with, Right?

Argo was a great movie.

They saved the funny and riveting moments for her speech.

It was crazy but fascinating.

She’s still winning, though.

Just a wee bit dramatic, sir.

He’ll have a tough time getting in over David Lee but deserves consideration.

John Wilkes Booth strikes again.

Don’t spit in the wind or tug on Brady’s cape.

This was one the better position battles of the playoffs.

Those ladies were great.

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