“Your Private Life Is Kind Of Under A Microscope” | Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson On How He Dealt With Milfhunter Rumor

The New York Jets are thoroughly entrenched in training camp just like the other 31 NFL teams in hopes of having a memorable season. For the Jets it’s about baby steps, as they’ve been pretty bad for a while now. It’s gotten so bad in NYC that fans even created a acronym using the Jets name (Just End The Season) to take them out of their misery.

But with second-year QB Zach Wilson at the helm, plus a plethora of young talent on both sides of the football, the hope and belief is things have to be looking up.

The former BYU Cougars standout is the key to turning things around, and his personal life will need to be channeled in order to do so. For better than a month Wilson’s name has been involved in rumors that he slept with his mom’s best friend, a rumor started by his ex-girlfriend. While Wilson has never answered the question when asked, it’s been a lingering sticking point for the media. Wilson joined “Boomer and on Tuesday to discuss the matter and how’s he’s dealt with it.

“I’m sure anyone in my position, you understand there’s stuff like that you have to deal with. Your private life is kind of under a microscope and you have to understand that your family and those close to you, they understand the truth and who you are and all that. So, that’s all that matters. And besides that, it really doesn’t matter.”

When asked was the story false … Wilson declined to talk about it, saying this:

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


Seems like Wilson is over the rumor, but he didn’t exactly dispel the notion made by his ex. He once again left his answers open to interpretation, never straight out denying it. 

Wilson Rumor Began With Ex After She Started Dating His Ex-Teammate

Wilson’s private life took a turn when his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile was called out for now dating his former college teammate, roommate and friend Dax Milne. Milne, the Washington Commanders wideout, posted a picture of himself and Gile to his Instagram, which led a commenter to accuse her of being a “homie hopper.” Gile immediately responded by calling Wilson “the real homie hopper” because he slept with his mom’s best friend, she claimed.


Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Ex-Girlfriend Insinuates He’s A MILF Hunter | “He Was Sleeping With His Mom’s Best Friend”


“He was sleeping with his mom’s best friend, that’s the real homie hopper.”

Gile, who started the rumor, immediately deleted her Instagram after making the accusation.

Days after Giles dropped the bombshell, Wilson checked in on social media to ask if he’d missed anything, because he’d been away for some time with his teammates at a ranch, where he said he didn’t have Wi-Fi and had his phone turned off. 

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of events, including Wilson’s mom asking the internet savages to stop trying to connect with her hot friends fishing for more information to add to the story.

“My friends are freaking amazing. By the way, stop calling my friends.”

This was after saying new followers should come to her dance class that she hosts with those same hot friends.

Zach Wilson’s Mom Has Media Stalkers At The Gym As The MILF-Hunter Legend Summer Continues


Seems like mom was having a bit of fun with the newfound fame that came from the story.


Wilson Needs To Be Better In Year Two

The Jets probably aren’t ready to compete for a playoff spot, but based on the talent on their roster they should be better, led by Wilson and a host of talented playmakers on both sides of the football. Unfortunately, that’s become lot more difficult. On Tuesday, mammoth right tackle Mekhi Becton went down with a fractured kneecap and looks to be lost for the season.

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