“When You Think About It, It Sounds Like A No-Brainer” | You Might Be Surprised At Why Tyreek Hill Chose Miami Over New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins made one of the biggest trades of this past offseason, trading a king’s ransom to acquire the superstar lightning-quick receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Through four weeks of football, Hill has had 31 receptions for 477 yards and two touchdowns. He and fellow speedster Jaylen Waddle have proved to be one of the league’s fastest and most dynamic receiving duos. Everything head coach Mike McDaniel envisioned. Before his injury, signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa was having his way with defenses, torching secondaries with this tandem. 

It’s safe to say things are working out in Miami for both parties involved so far. For multiple reasons, of course, Hill is ecstatic to be a Dolphins player, and it certainly is better than being part of a New York Jets rebuild.  But according to Cheetah, that is the team he almost ended up on if it weren’t for one big reason. 

Money, of course, is the reason why anybody does anything. Hill explained that the fact that Florida has no state taxes was the significant reason he chose to be traded to the Dolphins, rather than the New York Jets, who came close.

“It’s just those state taxes, man. I realized I had to make a grown-up decision,” Hill said. “And now here I am in the great city of Miami, you know, great weather, great people, beautiful people, I feel like. So, here I am.”

Tyreek loves it in Miami, and he’s played a huge role in the team’s 3-1 start. 

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So Reek is doing his thing and catching passes from Tagovailoa or Teddy Bridgewater instead of catching passes from the young and erratic Zach Wilson, who just played his first game of the season. It was the right choice. All because Miami has no state taxes.

I bet Robert Salah and Zach Wilson were sucking their teeth when they heard that. Besides the beautiful weather and lifestyle of Florida, the lack of state taxes has put Miami among the top destinations for free agents and players around the league. 

Hill is just begging to be the most hated player for the Jets after this revelation.  

This will be a sentiment that the Jets will feel for a long time, especially due to the fact that New York had a king’s ransom for the Chiefs that mirrored the Dolphin’s offer.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted on March 23 that the Jets offered Kansas City the No. 35, No. 38, and No. 69 picks in this year’s NFL draft for Hill and the No. 103 pick. Schefter also reported that the Jets and Dolphins were the only serious rivals to acquire Hill at the time.

As we know now, the Dolphins gave the Chiefs a 2022 first-round pick (No. 29), a second-round pick (No. 50), and a fourth-round pick, plus fourth- and sixth-round picks in the 2023 draft.

The trade could have undoubtedly changed the momentum of the Jets franchise moving forward, it seems that for now, the transaction has worked out for the Dolphins, who are actually serious threats to challenge the Bills for first place in the AFC East.  

Though the Dolphins will not have Tagovailoa for at least little while, Teddy Bridgewater should keep them afloat in the AFC East. Plus, the Dolphins should be AFC favorites in the following years due to the structure of their team, plus the amount of money they have to spend on players. Tagovailoa is their future QB, so hopefully he gets over his concussion situation. With Hill and Waddle, Miami’s air raid will be absolutely destructive. Big thanks to Florida’s state tax policy.

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