You Mad That Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Want To Ball With King James?

The NBA world is butt hurt because Kyrie Irving said he wants out of Cleveland. Lebron Stans are befuddled by Irvings desire to part ways with the NBAs biggest brand name. Once Kyrie announced his desires, of course, he was going to be the subject of a media attack because anything that disrupts the ESPN narrative about LeBron James irresistible omnipotence isnt respected. 

You know James wasn’t going to take it well. He’s in the midst of watching his Cleveland basketball kingdom crumble into an emotional mess. 

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LeBron James makes an interesting song choice after Kyrie Irving’s trade demand.

James has been made out to be this flawless, perfect player and person. Weve heard numerous analysts, bandwagon players tell the world how everyone wants to play with LeBron.

It only added to his myth and a legacy that has folks comparing him to Michael Jordan, despite James losing Finals record and a reputation of being unable to, at times, fully embrace the Alpha Male and killer baller in him. James is known more for his business acumen and setting up the chess board in his favor than pushing through any monumental struggles. 

We see the way he increasingly bullies and even demeans players and front office execs in the press. We see the lukewarm but highly praised finals results, which have resulted in championships just three times in eight tries. 

We don’t know the LeBron James that is at practice interacting with his teammates and coaches. We don’t know how King James treats his court off the court. We assume he is this great guy. His marketing machine is incomparable and has driven this ascent to MJ/Tiger Woods status. 

The immediate narrative is that Kyrie is crazy and selfish. He would rather be the man in hell than play with God and win championships. 

Today on ESPNs Mike and Mike, Mike Golic shutdown that theory. Golic feels that the notion that Kyrie is demanding a trade from Cleveland because he wants to be the man is somewhat shot to hell because Kyrie’s willing to go to San Antonio where hed have to share the leadership and superstar billing with Kawhi Leonard, as well as buy into Gregg Popovichs lauded team-first philosophy.  

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ICYMI: Kyrie Irving reportedly wants out of Cleveland. One of his preferred trade destinations according to @wojespn? San Antonio.

Even if Kyrie goes to Minnesota, which reportedly is on his short list of teams he would like to be traded to, hell have to share some shines with Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler.   

The question thats never asked of LeBrons supporting cast is at what price is winning a championship not worth it? And why is Kyrie at the point where winning championships and playing second fiddle to a Top 5 all-time talent isn’t fulfilling? 

We know ego is a part of it. Ego drives every elite performer in some way. 

We also know that LeBron is a primadonna. His King title is self-proclaimed, so that tells you a lot right there. When a guy sees himself as the king, how can your opinion ever really matter? Irving is a guy that believes in his royal talents as well. 

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He feels he is just as important a part of Clevelands recent mini-dynasty as LeBron. He definitely doesn’t get the same props and maybe hes just tired of it. Maybe he’s the kind of Alpha Male that doesn’t want to share the stage. 

Kobe Bryant didn’t want to share the No. 1 position with Shaq. They three-peated and still Shaq had to bounce to allow a younger Kobe to spread his wings and carry the franchise. 

Kyrie Irving Drains the Clutch Three in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

Kyrie Irving hits the huge three pointer to give Cleveland the late lead in game seven of the 2016 NBA Finals! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada.

Maybe Kyrie wants the same thing. This was a rough year for Cleveland all across the board with a lot of inner turmoil. Tristan Thompson flipped on LeBron in front of thousands of people and King James continuously complained about the talent level of his loaded team. 

Once the offseason came, James expressed his displeasure with former GM David Griffin getting let go and the major misses Cleveland had in free agency.  

Cleveland seemed further from a team than ever. Maybe Kyrie sees the writing on the wall and is pulling a page from his teacher LeBron James book. If LeBron taught Kyrie how to win, then he also taught him how to strong arm the game in his favor. 

So all this knocking of Kyrie Irving is hogwash. He has his reasons for not wanting to play with James. How about we do more investigating of that situation and less telling Kyrie how selfish he is because hes doing what every superstar player is doing these days; strong-arming himself into a more comfortable situation. That philosophy has recently worked out great for Kevin Durant. Kyrie’s doing the same. 

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