“You Know You Missed Us” | Jackson Mahomes Is Back For Another NFL Season Of TikTok Madness, Irking Fans

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented players we’ve ever seen at the quarterback position. And from most reports he’s a really likable guy, unless you’re in a fan base of a team that he continuously torches on the field. 

But if there’s one thing that plenty of folks aren’t feeling about “Mr Ketchup On Errthang” it’s his younger brother Jackson Mahomes. 

The TikTok star has had his share of incidents with fans at games, in clubs and of course on his bold and sometimes controversial social media posts. He was listed as one of the most disliked people associated with the NFL, which is probably unfair, but his craving for the camera compared to his brother’s humility, often makes him look like a privileged blowhard. None of that is stopping Mahomes from “coming outside.”

With the NFL season now upon us, Jackson didn’t waste any time announcing his return for the season with an Instagram picture of himself and brother Patrick captioned …

“You know you missed us.”

Many probably missed Jackson’s superstar QB brother, but it’s highly unlikely they missed Jackson. The sarcasm dripped from that tweet with extra sauce. 

Jackson then posted his best friend and sister-in-law, Brittney and niece Sterling, on another Instagram saying this:

“The trio you guys have missed.”

Again, not many have missed Jackson or Brittney, and it’s for good reason. The two had their fair share of run-ins with fans last season and even some social media spats. As for the cutie Sterling, who wouldn’t have missed that cute, innocent face. They shouldn’t be using her to deflect the animosity that some followers and fans have developed toward their actions. 

Brittany was in good graces until she sprayed champagne on fans from a luxury box while celebrating one of her husband’s many wins. Jackson’s biggest indiscretion was TikToking on the memorial of deceased Washington Commanders legend Sean Taylor on the day they were celebrating his career. 

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Fans Recently Laid Into Mahomes When He Announced He’s In A Weird Place Following College Graduation

Jackson Mahomes graduated from college in the spring of this year. Like many college grads, the next step of what to do in life can be difficult. When he posted on Twitter a question asking what he should do next, he received a ton of backlash. 

One person commented, “Get a life.”

Another commented, “Delete your Tik Tok account. Get a job. Never step foot in an NFL stadium again.”

Someone else commented, “Smuggle marijuana oil into Russia.”


Mahomes Rubbed Folks The Wrong Way Often Last Season

Whatever Mahomes has done, it’s worked, as the quirky, outspoken younger sibling of Patrick has built his TikTok following to over 1 million followers. It’s littered with dancing videos, many from him gyrating at Chiefs games. He’s also ticked off fans on occasion, like last season when he danced on the “21” logo of Sean Taylor during a game.


While he did apologize, many didn’t buy it, and he still receives criticism for his behavior behind the keyboard. 

Mahomes even wrote this on his TikTok page in response to his bevy of critics.

“Sup I get bullied a lot but I’m still here.”

Jackson also poured water on a Baltimore Ravens fan following a regular season loss in Baltimore. Maybe somebody should’ve told the youngin’ Charm City ain’t the place you want smoke.

This could’ve ended ugly for the TikTok star for sure, but the fan was more interested in taunting a visibly upset Mahomes following his team’s big win.


Some have suggested that his brother needs to speak to him, but Patrick is going to let his baby bro rock. Now he’s announcing his return to Chiefs games for the 2022-23 season.


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