You Know That Thing About Black Folks And Chicken? Well…

You know how you hear stories on the news and that feeling comes over you where that inside voice says: “Oh, I sure hope that wasn’t someone black.” Then you begin to pray that the person at the helm of whatever wrong or whatever went wrong wasn’t one of us?

Well, this isn’t one of those news stories.

Seriously – $65,000 worth of chicken wings? Stolen? That has “us” written all over it!

A story so black that Bernard Shaw or Max Robinson (RIP) couldn’t read it on-air without shaking their heads in both shame and laughter. Without even seeing Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson’s (no relation, at all!) mug shots or hearing their names, you knew the minute the story broke: “Oh, they black.”

Arrested on one count of felony theft was a blessing. Because we all know they should have also charged those brothas with intent to sell and distribute. Sixty-five Gs in un-fried chicken wings is equivalent to busting up the Rayful Edmonds family operation.

Now we just have to wait for the waffle heist that’s guaranteed be next.

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