“Y’all Need To Remove My Video From Y’all Show” | Deion Sanders Jr. Calls Out The Carton Show For Using Video Without His Consent

Deion Sanders Jr. is the video and social media czar for his legendary father’s football team. On Sunday, Junior was front and center as his dad addressed his Colorado Buffaloes football team for the first time.

The team’s videos are all immediately uploaded to YouTube. But this time Fox Sports and the “The Carton Show” made a copyright claim to the video. Much to the dismay of Deion Jr., who voiced his displeasure via Twitter.

Deion Sanders Jr. Has Copyright Beef With “The Carton Show”

He continued noting that even ESPN had asked permission to use the same exact video. In fact, he even had his receipts in order as he displayed a screenshot of the request from the Entertainment Sports Network. “The Carton Show” ignored going through the proper procedures and are the ones who committed the copyright infringing, according to Deion Jr.

ESPN “College GameDay” host Pat McAfee even chimed in, stating his own issues with Fox Sports taking videos and acting as if they own them. 

Sounds like this is common practice from Fox Sports, but Deion Jr. and McAfee aren’t letting them get away with it.

Carton Seemed Unfazed By Deion Sanders Jr. Tweet

An unfazed Craig Carton addressed the situation on his nationally syndicated radio show on WFAN in NYC in his typical sarcastic fashion.  

The popular radio host first acted as if he had no idea who Deion Sanders Jr. was and then asked this.

“Is Deion Sanders Jr. on Twitter?”

“I guess there’s some type of an issue with the video?”

“I have no idea what that even means. Nobody stole anything. We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

It sounds as if Carton may not have been the one to make the copyright claim to the video, but whoever did is attached to his show. This is fluid, and the expectancy is Deion Jr. and his company “Well Off Media” will get to the bottom of it, since they’re the ones who were actually violated.

The video went viral and was used by several outlets, but no other outlet took it to the copyright stage.

Coach Prime Targets Son To Lead JSU Social Media Presence

Upon his arrival to Jackson State in September 2020, Coach Prime let his eldest son lead his personal social media team. While hesitant at first, Deion Jr. convinced his Hall of Fame dad to let him spruce up his social media presence. That led to impressive results, which led to Deion Jr. being asked to do it for the entire JSU football team. With his company, “Well Off Media,” there have been daily videos released of practices, team meetings, press conferences, team meals, pregame talks, in-game interviews and postgame celebrations.

Along with “Thee Pregame Show,” who also provides around-the-clock access to the program, the contributions of Junior Prime have given JSU the most insightful and exclusive social media presence in all of HBCU football.

One has to believe they’ll both be making the trek to Boulder to provide that same access, but with more resources at hand.

In the words of Coach Prime, they “won’t be hard to find.”

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