Woman Who Went Viral For Licking Toilet Seat On Airplane Threatens To Expose Dillon Danis For Vicious Trolling Of Logan Paul’s Fiancée Nina Agdal

Combat sports troll Dillon Danis might get a taste of his own medicine soon. As his relentless campaign against Logan Paul continues to drag his fianceé Nina Agdal into a slut-shaming social media offense, someone not involved is taking it personally.

Ava Louise Speaks Out

Instagram and OnlyFans model Ava Louise, famous for licking an airplane toilet seat in 2020 for a TikTok “coronavirus challenge,” has set it off on Danis and now wants to let him know that she is preparing to out him. She took to social media to let the world know what she thinks of Danis’ fight hype involving Agdal and prove that she has the goods on him.

“Dillon Danis has been trolling Logan Paul, saying he has a picture of Nina Agdal that can ruin her life. I have something that can ruin Dillon Danis’ life,” Louise said in the video.

When The Troll Gets Trolled

Danis has claimed that he has a nuclear bomb of a photo of Agdal that would end Paul’s engagement with her, saying in a post on August 20th, “If I dropped this pic, it would end the fight, end his engagement, and I might even find myself in jail.”

Louise found this to be the last straw and revealed her former intimate relationship with Danis and a hint of what she might tell.

“I slept with Dillon Danis twice, and there’s a video of me and Dillon Danis,” she continued. “I convinced him to film it for my OF (OnlyFans). I personally think it’s worse that he has on Nina…what makes the whole thing more embarrassing for Dillon is that I’m the girl who licked the toilet seat back in 2020.”

The Last Famous Guy Exposed By Ava Louise

Louise is known to hook up with famous athletes and revealed in early 2022 that she hooked up with former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown at a Jersey City hotel before he walked off the field at MetLife Stadium and off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

“We never met up, so it was like, might as well go finally meet up with him,” she said of her alleged intimate time with Brown. “When we had sex, he wanted to film it and make a tape on my phone. He wanted me to put it out there.”

Hours after their tryst, Brown threw his jersey into the stands and walked out of the Buccaneers life forever. Dillon Danis might be in trouble. In the social media Game of Thrones, content is king, and now Danis has an expected piece of content that might turn the tide in his smear campaigning.

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