With The Drama Surrounding Dwight Howard, Now Social Media Targets Tristan Thompson’s Lifestyle After Walking “Sassy” On Reality Show

The internet can be merciless, and a veritable witchhunt can begin in the culture. First it was Dwight Howard, who was accused of sexual assault and then the calls for him to explain his sexuality began. From podcasters to social media commenters, the talk turned from a return to the NBA to who he sleeps with, and Howard himself let the world know that information was no one’s business.

Enter NBA star Tristan Thompson, who is now the target of online attacks by social media platform X’s cultural contingent, who feel he is exhibiting “sassy traits,” derogatory code that is exhibiting homophobia.

In the latest episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, Thompson has one-on-one chats with Khloé’s sisters to confront his transgressions finally, according to the show promo. However, in a viral video clip, Thompson is seen walking, and it was an unconventional stride for his critics.

There was even an unearthing of a TikTok post by Subway Oracle where he interviews “celebrity stylist” TwinkTok, who claimed to be on the way to meet with Thompson who was described as a client. The stylist was riding the NYC subway in full drag.

Testing Thompson

The comments went from alleging comparing him to an “aunty” to analyzing his walk thoroughly, but it all reeked of suspicion.

“Sassy b***h,” posted one user to the video.

“Tristan Thompson walk got me crying,” another posted.

“Aunty a** walk Bro walk like he about to throw down a mean a** Peach cobbler,” yet another ‘X’ user posted.

“Tristan walk like he trying to suck his stomach in and poke it his a** out at the same time,” another ‘X’ user posted.

In reality, the preview for the next episode of The Kardashians shows the 32-year-old NBA star opening up about his cheating on his ex Khloé Kardashian, who is the mother of two of his children.

“In this family, if you do something to one of us, it affects everyone,” the 39-year-old Kardashian explained to Thompson in the promo video for the episode.

Thompson responded, “I’m in the place now where I can own up to the mistakes I made.”

Messy Thompson

Back in February 2019, Thompson reportedly cheated on Kardashian with her sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. However, the 26-year-old model later denied that the two had sex, claiming that Thompson kissed her at a party that year.

Still, in December 2021, Thompson had another child with model Maralee Nichols while he and Khloé were still together. It was extra messy because at the time Kardashian was expecting the arrival of their son Tatum, who was born via surrogacy in August 2022. The two also share a 5-year-old daughter named True.

A father of four, Thompson is accused of not paying his child support for his 6-year-old son named Prince with his ex-Jordan Briani Craig, and she is claiming that he owes her $224,000 in back child support.

There are more pressing issues in the life of Tristan Thompson, like staying on an NBA roster so he can take care of his children and making amends with Khloé Kardashian. However, the internet will continue to dissect his every move.

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