Wherever Willie McGinest Goes, Beat Downs Follow | Former NFL Star’s Entourage Allegedly Left Victim Bloody Following Dispute Over Weights In 24-Hour Gym

Willie McGinest will be making another appearance in court. The former New England Patriots linebacker and three-time Super Bowl champ is being sued for the second time in three months.

According to TMZ Sports, Andre Cortez alleges that McGinest punched him in the face after a dispute over the weights on June 21, 2021. The incident took place in Long Beach, Calif. at a 24-hour fitness gym.

Willie McGinest at Huncho Celebrity Football Game. (Getty Images)

Throwing Hands At the Gym

Cortez claim he was using the bench press before someone walked up and took one of his plates. He says he told the person that he wasn’t done with the weight. McGinest overheard the exchange and replied, “the f*** you mean?”

The lawsuits states that McGinest then punched Cortez in the face with a closed fist. Cortez alleges that three other men jumped in, along with McGinest, and proceeded to hit him in his head and back. He claimed that he was struck “30 to 40 times.”

Cortez said the 24 Hour Fitness gym staff intervened to separated the men. He claimed the attack left him bloodied and injured but didn’t give any specifics about his injuries. He also says that he’s been suffering from emotional distress and is still reeling from his wounds.

The victim is reportedly asking for unspecified damages in his suit, according to TMZ Sports.

Not the First Time

The 51-year-old McGinest was sued in March and was charged with two felony assault charges. He was part of a group that attacked a man on Dec. 9 inside of Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood after words were exchanged between the two. The video showed McGinest and his group of friends stomping the victim. It was also reported that at one point the victim was hit with a bottle. He was arrested on Dec. 19 and eventually lost his analyst job with NFL Network.

He faced one charge of assault with a deadly weapon and  one charge of assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

He apologized for his role in the incident back in December.

“First and foremost, I want to offer my deepest apology for my lapse in judgment and behavior on December 9 at a restaurant in West Hollywood,” McGinest wrote. “To my family, community, friends, and youth I mentor, please know I feel horrible for my actions and take full responsibility.”

It seems like McGinest has had more than just lapses in judgment. As of now, McGinest will not face any criminal charges stemming from his 2021 gym fight.

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