Will Odell Live Up To His Inevitable, Record Breaking Contract?

The Giants meet the Jets tonight in the third preseason game. Although Odell Beckham Jr. wont play, hes closer to taking the field than hes been in almost a year. The Giants and OBJs people are apparently in negotiations on a long-term deal and reports say they may soon be reaching a conclusion before the season begins. 

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Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants are reportedly “making progress” in contract discussions. https://t.co/pHt3iaeMy4

Despite his off the field transgressions and missing 12 games last season with an ankle injury,  OBJ is demanding a kings ransom for his services. The Giants are still trying to figure out how much of the ransom they are going to give him. 

Via CBSsports.com, “Beckham has reportedly been seeking a multi-year contract that pays him in the high teens in terms of millions of dollars per year on an annual basis The benchmarks for Beckham in negotiations have been Antonio Brown’s $17 million per year and Mike Evans’ $55 million in total guarantees. Given the way NFL contracts tend to work, it would not be a surprise to see Beckham surpass both figures on his “record-breaking” deal.”

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Despite missing 17 games in his career, Odell Beckham, Jr. has 6 more receiving TD (38) than any other player from the 2014 draft class. That draft class includes 5 of the 8 highest-paid WRs in the league (Evans, Cooks, Watkins, Landry, Adams).

Most Giants fans dont think the franchise should waste time negotiating with their All-Pro receiver. Justgive him what he wants, they say. On the flipside, theres still a small contingent of folks who dont trust handing the keys to the kingdom to a guy who has proved to be immersed in his personal brand, a little on the wild side when it comes to his off the field maneuvers and hasn’t been in any contact in a minute. I’m not judging, Im just saying. 

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IG Model Flirts With Odell Beckham at the Club; Her BF Gets Upset, Makes Her Leave The VIP & Talks Trash to OBJ; BF Gets Beat Up By Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex-BF; BF to Sue Drake & OBJ for Beatdown (Pics-Beatdown Video) https://t.co/X6GPtA3VBe

For the most part, the NFL media and fans swear by Beckham and expect him to put up a monster season. The Shadow Leagues Rob Parker is one of those supporters. He made his weekly appearance on Undisputed with Skip andShannon on Friday and had his Beckham pom poms in full swing. 


You’ve heard of the Big Apple? This is going to be the Big Cheddar. Odell should get every dime he can get. He’s that dynamic of a player. He’s done nothing but produce since 2014.” – @RobParkerFS1 https://t.co/QUskNR8pOc

As the season draws closer, the fans who felt that the Giants should play hardball with OBJ are now becoming desperate for him to sign, especially since hes participating in camp and is present with the team instead of holding out. After an offseason of ups and downs, the only uncertainty is how much of a goldmine Beckham Jr. is going to get and whether or not he lives up to the contract. 

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