Wilder, Fury Fight Card Sound Off On What They Are Thankful For

For those fighting on the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury blockbuster card on Saturday, December 1st in Los Angeles, this year’s Thanksgiving will come during the tail end of training camp for their respective matchups.

While the fighters may not be able to surround themselves with their loved ones or enjoy a traditional holiday meal, they still have plenty to be thankful for and shared it with TSL.

“I’m just thankful for my beautiful family – my wonderful children and my beautiful lady. I’m just so thankful for all the positive energy that I’ve been receiving from my family. This is the happiest I’ve been in my life – career-wise and in my personal life. I don’t have any drama and I’m ready to go December 1.”
“I’m most thankful for being alive, for being healthy and for being in the right mind. Business and jobs are very unimportant when you’ve got no health. You can be a billionaire but dying inside. It’s all irrelevant if you haven’t got your health. Because your health is your wealth. I’m very qualified to say it because I’ve been in some tough positions before. I’m just thankful to be alive.”
“I’m thankful for my family, my team, my health and the chance to get back in the ring and do what I love on December 1. Unfortunately, no Thanksgiving for me this year. I think I’ll even be on the plane on the holiday, which is fine for me so I don’t get the urge to eat. I’m also going to do a Turkey Drive in my community and make sure that I’m giving back as much as I can.”
“2018 has been my year. I’m thankful for my family – my wife, children, my dad and my Mom who looks over us all.
“I became British Champion in 2018, defended my title and now I’m going to shock the world in L.A. to cap a wonderful year.”
“First and foremost, I’m thankful for my daughter’s health and well-being, along with my whole family. I know that in boxing, there are no holidays. Thanksgiving will be whenever it lands and whenever I have the opportunity for it. Boxing is my first love and I’m happy to be training even during this time of year.”
“I’m thankful for this opportunity against Luis Ortiz; I’m thankful for my family and my three children, plus the blessing of having another baby on the way.
“I’m away from my family training in Texas and I’ll be sticking to my meal plan through Thanksgiving. This isn’t the first Thanksgiving I’ve missed though, it’s just a part of this sport. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m staying focused on that. After this fight is over, I’ll make sure I get a Thanksgiving meal.”
“I am thankful for the people I have in my life, my mum, my dad, and my brothers. I’ve got a great team and my career is just taking off.  I am also about to be a part of a huge event on December 1st so for all this I am very thankful.”
“I’m thankful for family, friends and the ability to help provide for my family doing by doing what I love. 
“I am actually going to have a little turkey on Thanksgiving. That’s part of the whole heavyweight lie. I’m still sacrificing every day in camp and I’m looking forward to the fruits of my labor. We’ll give up Thanksgiving to have a good Christmas.”
“I’m thankful for many things this year, but at the very top of that list are my wife and kids and especially my newborn son, Alfredo Angulo Jr., my biggest blessing. I’m thankful to my team for the opportunity to compete in this great fight in December. I’m going to repay with a huge win.” 
“During the holidays, I’m always grateful that I’m able to spend time with family and friends.  In addition, I’m grateful for all the blessings boxing has brought me, especially this latest journey that I’m excited to start on December 1.”
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