Why The Johnny Manziel Redemption Tour Is The NFL’s Ultimate Fail

Im willing to forget about Johnny Manziel. Youre probably willing to forget about him as well. But the NFL isnt. 

As Colin Kaepernick continues to rot in a no-hire zone and fellow knee-taking safety Eric Reid is still a free agent (even though he’s scheduled to visit Cincinnati), the NFL seems to be bending over backward to help Johnny Manziel on his career resurrection tour. 

Good Morning America on Twitter

Johnny Manziel’s comeback; former NFL star looks to shine in Spring League: https://t.co/T3gtmmd6PF @TVMarci reports. https://t.co/nwyfWkRLM8

It didnt take long for Manziel to become an NFL prospect again. Good Morning America gave him a sympathetic look and thats when he spun his first PR stunt to let people know he was a changed man and ready to fulfill the talents hes squandered. 

His Pro Day at the University of San Diego was heavily covered, with 13 teams coming to see him throw. He also reportedly met with the Patriots organization. 


Who the heck knows? 

After a reckless pattern of behavior and hideous decision-making that would have eliminated most players chances of ever getting on an NFL field again, it seems as if Manziel is slowly moving back into a favorable light. That narrative is being pushed by the NFL itself, along with other media that choose to promote him like the God he isnt anymore during his Spring League debut. 

NFL on Twitter

@JManziel2 throws touchdown in Spring League debut: https://t.co/7SEDAGBbr3

Hes gotten another pass, another opportunity that Colin Kaepernick cant get. The white privilege that Manziel has enjoyed since college rears its ugly head again. What has he done to warrant a second chance at the NFL? 

Aaron Nagler on Twitter

Why is NFL Media pushing Manziel so hard?

Did you see the lasers Kaepernick was throwing on Twitter last month? 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Yup, Colin Kaepernick still has an absolute CANNON. (IG/Hidalgoj8) https://t.co/LekooZvg5C

Yeah…Well check this duck by Manziel, who took the field again for the first time since 2015 in the Spring League, which consists of four teams who play two games over a five-day period.

The Spring League on Twitter

Remember this guy? Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) is rolls out and throws it deep to WR Antwan Goodley! #TheSpringLeague https://t.co/S1MLhm9v0o

With full support of the media and the NFL, Manziel will probably be added to the growing list of washed up, sub-par to terrible white quarterbacks who are getting starting and backup jobs in the NFL over the blackballed Colin Kaepernick. 

Any time he gets in front of a mike hes either passing the buck, expressing his disappointment about the past and how hes moving forward in his comeback, but then he’ll say something that makes you really question his leadership. 

In comparison, Kaepernick’s leadership ability, his guts and courage can’t be questioned. 

“The message that I’m sending is showing up every day and going to meetings,” Manziel said on Saturday. “Being engaged in everything that is going on during practice and in the game. I can’t control what is going on [with NFL teams’ interest] and I don’t know what’s going on in NFL meetings. If that’s the case, if the NFL is something that pops up, cool. If not, I’m going to work until I get back there. We’ll see how things play out.”

For Kaepernick, things are playing out similar to last season. He’s probably going to have to find other means of employment. With his collusion case already in process and owners and head coaches getting called in to testify, it’s clear that the NFL owners are united in eliminating Kaep’s influence and social activism from the NFL at any cost. 

The Lions just signed old ass Matt Cassel to backup Matt Stafford. Cassel is a 13-year journeyman who has played for Dallas, Buffalo, Minnesota, Kansas City and New England and his better days are way behind him. 

Kaepernick is still in his prime, but now Brandon Weeden and Cassel have been signed so far in 2018 before Kap even gets a call. 

AP NFL on Twitter

Lions sign QB Matt Cassel, add depth behind Matthew Stafford https://t.co/vBGdnpMQPB

If you compare career stats, Kap is the superior quarterback having amassed 12,271 yards passing with 72 TDs and 30 interceptions and also rushing for 2,300 yards and 13 TDs in just 69 games. 

Cassel has played twice as long and hes launched just 17,449 yards with 104 touchdowns and 81 interceptions and Weeden is just mediocre period (6,642 yards passing with 31 TDs and 30 picks). 

Manziel will eventually be the beneficiary of this blatant form of systematic manipulation which skews quarterback opportunities in favor of white players. Even if his NFL dreams falter, Manziel can simply head to the CFL, where the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a two-year contract on the table just waiting for him. 

Imagine that? There are teams waiting on Johnny Manziel to come to their football squad and wreck it. 

Hey, if NFL owners want to give Manziel a shot it is their prerogative. But the NFL itself shouldnt be cutting tryout mix tape footage for prospective employers on his behalf. Nor should they be hyping his comeback as if it’s anything that we should respect when they try their best to not even mention the name Colin Kaepernick anymore, who’s a far superior QB to Manziel and far more deserving of another opportunity. 

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