Why Haven’t Any Women’s Hoops Champions Visited The White House Yet?

Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve reportedly says the team is still waiting for a White House invitation after winning its fourth WNBA title in October.

Reeve says the lack of an invite from President Donald Trump is disappointing. She noted at practice Wednesday that then-President Barack Obama contacted the Lynx immediately after they won the WNBA championship in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

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WNBA champs Lynx still waiting for White House invite, coach says. https://t.co/dCKT7o5R8B

Maybe this is my Kanye moment, but if I was President Donald Trump I wouldnt invite the Lynx to the White House either. Why would Trump extend another invitation to another championship team, only to have these guys refuse to meet with him (and rightfully so) and denounce him publicly as a clown and all other sorts of names? 

He was straight dissed by the brave sister Dawn Staley and her South Carolina womens basketball team, the 2017 NCAA champions. The team declined President Trumps invite to the White House. Roy Williams and his 2017 UNC National Championship squad told Trump no thank you as well. The 2018 NCAA Men’s (Villanova) and Women’s (Notre Dame) basketball champions are both unsure of what they would do if extended an invite. 

If Im Trump, maybe I stop invites altogether except for sports such as equestrian, rugby, rowing, hockey, golf and the winter Olympics — sports of that cultural nature. 

The White House hasnt responded to Reeves yet, but we have to stop expecting Trump to do things like Obama did in the first place. In fact, Trump will do the complete opposite on purpose. Trump knows how much he is hated by some people and he simply refuses to be shot down by extending White House invites to  people who he knows is against him. The Lynx have also been one of the more politically expressive WNBA teams, protesting the anthem with a lock of arms in unity last season

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Lynx night at the Twins game!!

Reeves says she at least wanted the invite and then an opportunity for the Lynx to decide if they would accept it. Women “aren’t recognized in the same way that men’s sports are, Reeves said. 

True statement on her part. 

If invited, however, Reeves says theres no guarantee the team will even accept the invite. Im saying… If you werent 100 percent sure about going in the first place then why even mention the fact that you didnt get an invite until you were sure everyone was moving as one mind, one soul.  

We know what Trump is by now. Donny from Queens is not going to leave himself open to getting dissed further by teams he invites to the White House. At this point, the Lynx should just cherish those three trips to the White House that they took when Obama was here. 

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