Enes Kanter Freedom Says If He Would Put On A Wig And Identify As A Woman He Could Average 60 PPG In WNBA

Ex-NBA player turned right wing puppet Enes Kanter Freedom is in the news again weighing in on transgender women competing in women’s sports.

Freedom believes it’s “unfair” to “real women” who have been working to achieve their goals since they were kids. This feigned concern over women’s sports is so transparent and just a way for Freedom to get on television and participate in the culture wars.

“Men don’t belong in women’s spaces. Restrooms – Locker Rooms or Sports. Since I’m blackballed from the NBA, should I put on a wig, identify as a woman, and start dominating the WNBA?” Freedom said. “Is that when the outrage will begin? Is that fair to all the women who spent their whole life chasing their goals? Where are all the Women Rights Activists and Feminists?”

Hate Disguised As Care For Women’s Sports

Freedom, like most of the other right wing radicals who claim to care about women’s sports, never has anything to say in favor of better pay for professional women athletes, better travel conditions, etc. In fact a look through his social media feed shows he’s never shown any interest in women’s sports period.

The truth is, this is a non-issue that the right has turned into a political flashpoint to distract from actual issues. Just like banning “critical race theory” in schools.

Transgender Women In Sports Is A Non-Issue

A 2021 study published by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law report says of the estimated 332 million citizens living in the United States, 1.3 million adults and 300,000 youth ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender, equaling half a percent and 1.4 percent of the population respectively.

An even smaller percentage of that community competes in girls’ and women’s sports.

“While we don’t know the exact number of trans women competing in NCAA sports, I would be very surprised if there were more than 100 of them in the women’s category,” researcher and medical physicist Joanna Harper told Newsweek.

Let’s assume there are 100 transgender women competing in NCAA sports. There are 46 women’s sports. So maybe there are two per sport? Maybe.

This is a non issue.

But to hear Freedom and his ilk tell it, this is the scourge plaguing modern society.

Freedom is out of the NBA because he is a liability on the defensive end of the floor and cannot contain the pick and roll. Whatever offensive talent he possesses, it’s not enough to mitigate the defense.

He pretends he’s being “blackballed” by the league because of his political views, which is not true. This is a league that still employs Kyrie Irving.

Being a right-wing pundit is how he remains relevant and in the news.

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