Who Shot Ya? Rick Ross Under Heavy Pressure From GDs

Looks like things are getting heated for Rick Ross. The Gangsters Disciples are putting pressure on Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group via Youtube. So far, GDs in Alabama, North Carolina, Atlanta, Memphis Tennessee, and Florida have all made videos getting at Ross and his Maybach Empire.

Below is a brief timeline on Rick Ross’ good year turned bad.


October 29, 2012: Atlanta GDs get at Rick Ross

The first Gangster Disciples video appears on Worldstarhiphop.com on Rick Ross In Trouble With The GD's!? (Gangster Disciples)

In the video The Atlanta GDs state their discontent with Ross regarding the use of the six-point Star of David, a GD symbol, for his Mixtape cover The Black Bar Mitzvah.

They also are upset Ross mentioned the Disciples' famed leader, Larry Hoover, on his successful “BMF” song in 2010. Their warning is followed by a 4-minute rap video.

A few quotable threats:

“We pressing up on you, and the whole Maybach. Everybody on your label is in trouble.”

“There ain’t no ducking us, so you might as well sit down to the table and deal with us.”


November 5, 2012: Alabama GDs get at Ross

Approximately one week after the Atlanta GDs mention Ross, the Alabama sect make their own video. This video seems more aggressive and serious. Some unknown man with gold teeth and a distinct gravely voice tells Ross and his camp that he wants what’s owed.

Quotable threats:

“You need to make a phone call to check in with somebody before we check in with your weak ass. “

“Come see us NOW!!!”


November 10, 2012: Florida GDs get at Ross

Five days after the Alabama sect video went viral, a Florida sect comes at Ross. No, Ross can’t even get love in his home state. This was the third video in just over two weeks. Their demands are simple: “Cut the check."

Quotable threats:

“We need that check cut. We need it cut now, today and until its cut the pressure is on. It’s on.”

“As a man you suppose to honor your obligations and therefore you going to do so. Until you do, you going have to deal with the mob.“


November 15, 2012: Tennessee

A third video pops up, five days after the last begging the question, who did the GDs hire as their social media consultant? with masked men and a de facto leader speaking on what Ross has to do to relieve some of the pressure. This video connects all of Tennessee through various phone calls, discussing whether the rapper Rick Ross can visit and perform in their cities. The answer was unanimous: No.

Seems like the GDs are attacking Ross’ cohorts, too, as pictures of other MMG members appear in the video.

Quotable threats:

“You say you a boss, but you owe money. Bosses pay their debts

“You can’t be a boss until you take a loss and you fin to take a loss now, a big one.”


November 28, 2012: North Carolina

The latest bans Rick Ross from North Carolina. This video follows the formula of all other videos: One leader, a bunch of masked gang members throwing gang signs and a rap video showing their discontent with Ross at the end. They seem just as serious as the last about making Ross pay. This video is well edited with voice-overs and minor special effects: They clearly have the right guys working for them.

Quotable threats:

“We in the struggle we ain’t going let you sit there and perpetuate our struggle in no way shape or form.”

“We know you going to be in Greensboro we know you’re going to be Charlotte, we going to be there too. “


December 7, 2012: Rick Ross cancels his North Carolina show

AllHipHop.COM broke the news that Ross was cancelling his shows in North Carolina, fueling speculation the GDs were coming through on their threats.

I didn’t think things would get this bad. I guess these videos weren’t for social awareness and rap promotion. It seems like the Boss is concerned for his safety. Then again, a nationwide criminal organization rallying against you is something to take seriously. Ross side stepped any short term critical damage in his beef with 50, but a threat of this magnitude is hard to ignore.

Ross downplayed the video, however, and the official reason for cancellation was blamed on promotional concerns.


December 10, 2012: Rick Ross addresses 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards scuffle, the threats from GDs verbally attacking him and his Maybach imprint joining Atlantic records.

During an interview with 99 Jamz, Ross rebuffs claims that his tour was not shutdown due to gang threats, stating: "I canceled the rest of the tour due to the promoter was really not handling his business.” Things are however looking up for Ross, he announced his Maybach Music Group will be merging with Atlantic and leaving Warner Bros, possibly for more money.

Before he left Ross spoke on his beef with rap rivals Ross Young Jeezy and 50 Cent, backtracking and throwing Jeezy and 50's names in the news . “I tried to choke’em,” said Ross as he recalls the BET Award scuffle with Jeezy. "It's not personal, but if I see Young Jeezy again, will I try to choke him?" he questioned. “I don't know. That's an option. If I seen 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all. But it's an option.”

Quotable comebacks:

“I let the dude know how we move and just to communicate a little better…I felt like that was some power I needed to take away from homie, so I canceled the rest of the dates."

“If you screaming cut a check, we need a check. Ain’t no checks being cut,

ain’t never no check being cut. I don’t play those games.”

“I was just in Chicago a week in a half ago, that’s the birthplace of the GDs. If I go to Chicago like I did then I have no problems going to North Carolina or South Carolina.”


Rick Ross is entering the new year with a lot on his plate, and it will be interesting to see how he handles it all. The rap game seems to be shifting to a more authentic hood grit to it again. Hmmm…Where are those hip hop cops when you need them?

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