Who’s The Baddest? Beyonce or Rihanna?

This is the debate. Rihanna or Beyonce? It's these two and only these two. If you asked one of your homeboys and they picked either, you couldn't/wouldn't be mad.

A couple thoughts…

— The covers fall in line with each star's persona. There's a dominatrix motif with Rih's cover. Bey is working the sexy-wholesome thing to a T.

— Don't lose those curves, Bey. Huge shout out for dropping the Blue Ivy weight, but we need you to stay southern-thick. Then again, who knows what kind of airbrushing was involved here. Mags are notorious for that. It's just a little concerning if you could legitimately envision Jennifer Anniston or Jessica Biel with the same body.

— GQ has put two black women on its cover in the span of two months. That's 2008 Obama-type progress.

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