“Who Can Clearly Say They Got Their Testicles Bit By A Professional MMA Fighter?” | When Roommates Collide

Mixed martial arts has tried hard to get away from its initial reputation of a no-hold-barred circus-level event. However, the out-of-competition antics of an amateur MMA fighter in Nashville just pushed back the progress of fighter respectability.

Donovan Salvato was arrested and charged after biting and lacerating his roommate’s testicles earlier this month. According to reports, Abel Sosa confronted Salvato about their current living arrangements, which took a turn for the bizarre.

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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

The result was different after a physical altercation, which is not hard to believe for a budding professional fighter. Instead of your normal after-fight bruising, Sosa had a 2.5-inch laceration to his scrotum with multiple bruises and swelling to his head, according to reports.

“If you know this individual, do not trust your nuts around him,” Sosa wrote on Facebook (via Drake Riggs). “Literally, the evidence I will be using in court is a piece of skin that he managed to rip from my testicles.

“I received three stitches at the VA hospital and multiple injections to prevent dental infection from spreading, right on Veteran’s Day. I should have good ol’ Marine Corp eye-gouged the son of a bitch. But so focused on maintaining control, never threw a punch. Victories are won with composure.”


Breaking Balls

In the aftermath, Donovan Salvato spent twelve hours in jail on Nov. 11. According to the police report, Salvato went to jail on Nov. 16, and the 29-year-old MMA fighter sat in the Metro Nashville Jail following the argument that turned violent.

According to reports, when law enforcement arrived, the MMA fighter had already fled the scene. However, the police report indicates that the officer on duty believed Salvato was the primary aggressor. Once authorities finally caught up to Salvato, he said Sosa’s injuries happened because of the grappling during their confrontation.

He also explained that the injuries sustained could have resulted from hitting various furniture.

Locked Up

Salvato was held on a domestic violence hold after the incident took place. However, since then the MMA fighter has since been charged with domestic assault and bodily injury.

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According to Sosa, the altercation results were from an ongoing argument that still hasn’t been resolved. The arrest warrant and affidavit reveal the conflict revolved around the defendant (Salvato) staying at the roommate’s address unwanted.

“I need to write a book or something about some of these stories I’ve encountered,” Sosa wrote on social media. “Who can clearly say they got their testicles Bit by a professional MMA fighter during a fight? I’ll wait…. Nashville can be so wild that I’ve encountered more danger here than overseas to an extent.”

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Career In Crisis

Sosa maintains that Salvato’s name is not in the lease agreement.

Donovan Salvato is ranked 13th of 114 active Tennessee amateur lightweights. He is also ranked 12th of all Tennessee amateur welterweights. He is currently 3-1, with his last fight being a loss to Jaime Vasquez via decision. Salvato has had all his fights in a local Tennessee promotion called Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships.

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