Ex-MMA Fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr. Charged After Allegedly Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 17 Times And Hiding Her Remains In His Closet

Nashville police have arrested ex-MMA fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr. for the murder of his Ex-girlfriend Irene Torres. He allegedly stabbed her and stuffed her body in a bin, then put it away in the back of his closet.

Dwayne Herelle Jr. posing after a fight (left), him and ex-girlfriend Irene Torres (right). (Photo: Screenshots from Herelle’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile)

Who Is Dwayne Herelle?

The 28-year-old hasn’t fought professionally since 2018. He debuted professionally in 2017 at AFP Rising Stars against Irvin Jones, which he lost. His next fight was in 2018 against Kegan Agnew at “Road to MI:USA” showcase. Agnew won in a first-round submission and that gave Herelle a 0-2 record as a pro. Before turning pro, Herelle secured a 2-0 record as an amateur, including a first-round stoppage win over Kenny Vaughan.

Herelle never made it to UFC and now has been charged with murder.

Details of the Irene Torres Murder

Authorities reported that the stabbing took place in the early hours of Jan. 29 outside the home she shared with her parents. He apparently waited for the 24-year-old woman to get off from work and then he ambushed her from behind according to her older sister Reyna Douglass. He was then seen on surveillance video from their house dragging her dead body to the trunk of his car before driving off.

Detective Derry Baltimore revealed in court on Wednesday that Herelle stabbed Torres 17 times and the two got into an argument before the incident took place. They also discovered Herelle dumped the bloody pants and purse of Torres in a dumpster behind a grocery store.

Douglass said the two broke up a month before and their relationships was physically as well as emotionally abusive.

Torres’ parents became suspicious when she didn’t come home after work and reviewed their surveillance video. That is when they seen Herelle dragging their daughter’s body to the trunk of his car. The father went to confront him at his apartment and he initially told him that Torres was staying at a hotel before he confessed to him that her body was in his closet.

Douglass started a GoFundMe account and mentioned on the page that her sister’s murder was a “senseless tragedy”.

Douglass wrote:

“While most 24-year-olds are planning their careers, and futures, and are optimistic about the world, Irene spent some of the last months of her young life abused, degraded, terrorized, and fearful Irene showed immense bravery in leaving her abusive relationship and was so happy to start her new life with the support of her family, only to be hunted down in her front yard and brutally murdered one month later………….. For those that were fortunate to know Irene, despite being terrorized, abused, and living in fear, she always had a smile on her face and a compliment to give.”

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