“This Is Nuts”| MMA Fighter Christian “Hollywood” Lohsen’s Left Testicle Exploded During MMA Training

The competition in professional mixed martial arts is not for the weak-hearted, mild-mannered or the easily deterred. MMA fighter Christian “Hollywood” Lohsen is proof of that.

The PFL fighter from Florida, who signed a contract with the organization in August, ruptured one testicle during a training accident earlier this month.

Reportedly, a knee strike ruptured his left testicle, Lohsen said, and he required help getting to the hospital. After having the testicle surgically removed, he returned home and immediately started making jokes about the terrible incident.

“From now on, if you hit me in my last testicle, we aren’t friends,” he wrote last week on Instagram. “Lol.”

They say MMA fighters already have a couple of screws lose, and to describe them as fearless might be misrepresenting some of them. It’s more than being unafraid that makes certain warriors risk life and limb for a modestly paying match of kick skulls and crush faces.

The fighting spirit, resilience and unique passion for pain needed to excel in a brutal combat sport is not something that you’ll find in many people. When asked for a comment on the incident, one longtime MMA reporter fittingly said, “This situation is nuts.”

Photo: Christian Lohsen/Instagram

Lohsen wrote the following on Instagram about the gruesome training accident:

So last night was rough… in a training accident I got my left testicle ruptured by a knee which led to it getting surgically removed … thank you to everyone last night that helped me get to the hospital. I’m fine home resting, surgery went well. Doc said I won’t lose testosterone or ability to have kids from this. If I lose the other one however it’s a different story so from now on if you hit me in my last testicle we aren’t friends… lol

The 25-year-old Lohsen has a pro MMA record of 9-2, with six wins coming by submissions and three by decision.

Lohsen is a lightweight division fighter who is still making his way up the ranks. If anything, this unfortunate incident will increase his visiibility.  Whatever works when you’re trying to build a brand, right?

Lohsen has competed for regional organizations, Dana White’s Contender Series — a promotion that funnels talent into the UFC — and the Professional Fighters League, which conducts matches in a format that includes playoffs and a championship.

In a later comment on Instagram, Lohsen said he does not recommend “anyone to go through that,” adding: “But since I’m stuck on the couch while recovering, I’ve found it crazy how many articles/comments/forums I’ve seen about what happened.

“I’ve seen support from people I don’t remotely know and I’ve also seen a ton of good jokes that have given me a good, much needed laugh today.

“I will recover and be back! I’ve got great friends and family supporting me and the perfect wife taking care of anything and everything I’ve needed.”

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