While You Were Working: Will Smith Was Kicking Soccer Balls…Horribly

Will Smith will not be appearing in a Pele biopic anytime soon.


A$AP Ferg shows off his neighborhood in Harlem.


Peyton Manning managed to shoot a 77 at Augusta National during the offseason.


The NFL announced the 2014 draft will be moved back until May 8 next year.


The Phoenix Suns hired Jeff Hornacek to be their new coach.


The tracklist for Drake's upcoming album that has been floating around the internet is fake.


There's another remix to "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe," this time getting some European flavor from Emeli Sande.


China has been accused of hacking into US weapons defense systems and stealing designs. Chinese police are also catching flack for handcuffing a 13-year old girl and parading her down the street, after she accidentally spilled a drink on their car.


Maurice Jones-Drew has been charged with battery after allegedly punching a security guard, leaving him unconscious. 


UGA has suspended S Josh Harvey-Clemons against Clemson after campus police found marijuana paraphernalia in his dorm room. 


Nike has cut ties with Livestrong.


An active US Marine has been identified as the shooter in a shooting rampage in Texas, opening fire on six people, killing one.


Toro Y Moi remixes Disclosure's "You & Me."


Raekwon designed a new fish hook belt with Akomplice.


Evelynn Hammonds, the first female and first African American dean of Harvard College, will step down on July 1.


Remember those texts and photos George Zimmerman's lawyer released to try and paint Trayvon Martin as a violent drug user? They won't be admissible in court.


Two Papa John's employees were fired after butt dialing a customer which captured their racist remarks complaining about a $5 tip, which, for $10 delivery, is pretty damn good. (Video NSFW)


Nicki Minaj and Peter Rosenberg hash things out after Rosenberg trashed her song "Starships" a year ago.


A fan slapped Beyonce's ass at a concert after she let a few fans sing the words to "Irreplaceable." 

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