While You Were Working: The NFL Gave Former Players Pocket Change For Head Injuries

The NFL agreed to a settlement with former NFL players to cover medical expenses related to head injuries, totaling $765 million. Initial reaction? A huge win for the NFL, as the total amounts to less than 10 percent of each team's profit in a single year.

The settlement will be seen as a positive outcome for the league, which, should the lawsuit have moved forward, was facing the potential of billions of dollars in liability payments and a lengthy and almost assuredly revealing discovery phase in which league officials and doctors would likely have been deposed. The settlement was not an admission by the league that it hid information on the long-term effects of head trauma from its players.



Howver, Malcolm Gladwell spoke about his prediction for the sport of football in America in the upcoming documentary, The United States of Football. He didn't paint a positive picture.

Because of that threat of head injuries, “we will go to a middle position where we will disclose the risks and essentially dare people to play …,” says Gladwell, best-selling author of The Tipping Point and Outliers;. “That's what the Army does. So we leave the Army for kids who have other options, for whom the risks are acceptable.

“That's what football is going to become. It's going to become the Army. That's a very, very different situation. That's a ghettoized sport, not a mainstream American sport.”

Gladwell did not respond to email requests for comment. Explaining the “ghettoized” remark, Pamphilon said, “I think his implication is pretty clear. Suburban white kids or their parents are going to opt out … More affluent people are going to decide they don't want to put their kids in that position."


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Charles Barkley is not impressed with the 76ers.

I'm disappointed because I thought they treated those assistant coaches bad. They should have fired them at the beginning of the summer and gave them an opportunity to get another job, I do. I mean, I don't understand why you would hold them, let them work the team out all summer, now it's too late for them to get a job, and if I'm the [Brett] Brown guy I wouldn't want somebody else's assistant coaches. He may not even know those guys, and exactly what he did. He fired them right away, and I felt bad for Aaron [McKie] and Michael [Curry] because right now they're stuck in no where because all the good jobs are gone now.


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Brandon Marshall says he's playing in Week 1 despite his hiatus. 


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Fast-food workers walked out on their jobs across the country in an effort to get higher wages.

"If you're paying $7.35 an hour and employing someone for 20, 25 hours a week, which is the average here, they're bringing home about $10,000 a year. You can't survive on that." Rafanan said.

"Unless we can figure out how to make highly profitable companies pay a fair wage to their workers, we're just going to watch them pull all the blood, sweat, tears and money out of our communities."


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