While You Were Working: The NBA Gets Close To HGH Testing

The NBA is close to reaching an agreement with the National Basketball Players Association that would allow the league to test players' blood for human growth hormone. Reports say testing could begin as soon next season (2013-14). This is interesting because the NBA has always banned HGH, but it could never really be enforced since the union never allowed blood testing. Then a committee was formed through the 2011 NBA collective bargaining agreement to review the particulars of HGH testing and while progress in talks had been slow, the disconnect isn't quite what it was before. 

Derrick Rose has been medically cleared to play but he still can't dunk confidently off his left foot. It could be a while before he returns to the Bulls' lineup.




Kobe Bryant showed up to the Jimmy Kimmel show with cheetah shoes on. 

The Catholic 7 made it official that they are leaving the Big East on June 30.

Renaldo Balkman lost his damn mind for a few minutes. Maybe going from first-round NBA pick to the Philippine Basketball Association can do that to man. Watch him argue a non-call, shove everyone who comes his way and even put his hand around a teammates' neck:

Topanga from Boy Meets World is Dear god please let me get better with age like topanga #banger

— Jazmine (@jazm_ne) March 8, 2013



North and South Korea exchanged threats and ended all nonaggression agreements

Is criminality genetic? Depends on the study you look at.

Kendrick Lamar drops the Hova Intro Freestyle

Frank Ocean is being sued over production credit for the track "Lost."

Unemployment was at a four-year low in February.  

So I guess there is going to be a Hangover 3. Folk don't know how to leave well enough alone:

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