While You Were Working: The Biogenesis Whistleblower Implicated The Entire Sports World

Biogenesis whistleblower Porter Fischer told Outside the Lines that athletes who received performance enhancing drugs from the Miami clinic spread across the sports world, not just Major League Baseball. Fischer didn't give names, but said at least a dozen more athletes haven't been implicated. This could messy. 


A-Rod realizes that he and the Yankees crossed signals at some point. Or does he?


Packers coach Mike McCarthy charged Greg Jennings' criticism of Aaron Rodgers to the purple uniform Jennings is rocking now. 


Atlanta Braves ace Tim Hudson is out for the season with a broken ankle. 


But Turner Field is opening a Waffle House on Friday, so at least there's that.


What if Nick Saban replaced Mack Brown at Texas? Then he'd just be stuntin'. You know the money would have to be right to get Saban to entertain the Longhorn Network the way Mack has to. 


A man was convicted today for killing someone over a sports debt with a sword. Not a knife, but a sword.


Maybe it's just time to let Anthony Weiner do his thing


Six foreign nationals were charged with what prosecutors are calling the biggest cyber fraud case filed in U.S. history. The charge is that the credit and debit card cost U.S. and European companies more than $300 million in losses


Gillie Da Kid asks if Meek Mill will still be relevant eight eight or nine years from now.


Frank Ocean and Chris Brown are still beefing, if you want to call it that. 


Here's a quick clip from Trae Day in Houston. 


Check out Crooked I on "YODO." 


Cam'ron presents "T.A.L.A.M."


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