While You Were Working: Serena Williams Was Kicking Ass And Taking Names

Serena Williams just turned in a ridiculous 6-0, 6-1 beatdown of No. 5 seed Sara Errani in the semi final at Roland Garros. Serena took Errani down faster than her first round match, needing just 46 minutes to advance to the final. She'll face Maria Sharapova, who needed three sets to sneak past Victoria Azarenka. She'll be lucky if she gets three games against Serena, who is on a roll and owns an 11-2 record against Sharapova. 


Mitch Kupchak is confident Dwight Howard will re-sign with the LA Lakers.


Phil Jackson is picking the Spurs over the Heat.


Erik Spoelstra says Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are "ready to go." Take that with a grain of salt.


Manu Ginobli says he may consider retirement after the NBA Finals. 


Oregon and Georgetown will tip off their season in South Korea on Nov. 8 in the Armed Forces Classic.


UNC standout PJ Hairston was arrested for possession of marijuana.


The Denver Nuggets parted ways with George Karl.


Brian Rees will be the new starting quarterback at Notre Dame.


A-Rod isn't ready to talk about his second PED scandal. 


The House has passed a $45 billion homeland security bill because they've managed to solve our budget problems, fix the education system and our infrastructure problems. Oh, wait, no they haven't, they're actually spying on all Verizon customers. Maybe they need the money so they can spy on AT&T too.


By the way, two Senators say the Verizon move is lawful.


Here is the difference between Facebook spying on you, Google spying on you, and the NSA spying on you.


25 percent of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are currently being force-fed as the hunger strike appears no closer to ending.


Diddy has a Jet dance. 


There's a new video game called "Kanye Quest," a Final Fantasy type game where 'Ye is in a dystopian city and has to rap battle his way back. It doesn't mention anything about Kanye being involved in the production, meaning it's probably going to get shut down soon. Download it while you can.


Philadelphia dedicates a mural to The Roots.


Drake woke up in a new Bugatti. 


Tony Touch recruits Action Bronson and Kool G Rap for "It's A Queens Thing."


Spend a day with Jadakiss as he drops his newest single.


Prodigy releases another joint from his collab with The Alchemist, "R.I.P." with Raekwon and Havoc.