While You Were Working: Serena Williams Was Charged With A Politically Incorrect Opinion

Serena Williams issued a statement backtracking comments attributed to her in a Rolling Stone article. She's quoted saying the victim in the Steubenville rape case "shouldn't have put herself in that position," while also saying she wasn't "blaming the girl."


Manny Ramirez is leaving his Taiwanese baseball squad, but he's not done with his Asian tour just yet.


ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting Christian Ponder could be pushed by Matt Cassell for the starting job in Minnesota. That has to suck. And how are they supposed to get the fans in London to rally behind that quarterback controversy?


Arizona Cardinals first-year head coach Bruce Arians doesn't think fans are ready for a gay player, especially opposing fans who make thoughtless, over-the-top comments.


It's easy to make fun of these adult lego enthusiasts but this detailed model of Wrigley Field is pretty impressive.



Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge are scheduled to meet today to discuss the future.


Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson told his personal trainer that he wants "that Calvin Johnson type of frame."


Just in case there is any possible way you missed the highlights from the fourth quarter last night, or just can't stop thinking about them.


Flo Rida and his manager were banned from Game 6 and Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Apparently Flo Rida's saying the NBA banned him because Coach Pop complained that he and his crew "had too much energy." If that's true, how lame is Pop, really though?


In his visit to Berlin, President Obama told Germans that his adminstration was not spying on the emails of ordinary citizens and promised to step up efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay prison.


Meanwhile, FBI director Robert Mueller said the law enforcement agency does use drones for surveillance, but rarely. Great. To his credit, Mueller did acknowledge that privacy concerns in using drones is worthy of debate down the road.


Google is trying to diassociate itself from the NSA as best it can. Google on Tuesday asked the government to allow it to disclose how many Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requests it receives.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Mary Jo White said the group will seek more admissions of wrongdoing from defendants, as a condition of settling enforcement cases.


Apple announced its streaming media device now features programming from HBO and ESPN, which includes live access to several of the network's sports channels.


Can Anchorman 2 continue the legend. Trailer below.


Wale and Meek Mill released "Heaven in the Afternoon." Here's a clip.


AZ has a "Oil Money" freestyle. It's really good to have this dude back on the scene.


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