While You Were Working: Roy Hibbert Set The Tone For Game 2

Roy Hibbert doesn't like the way Shane Battier played during Game 1, accusing him of cheap shots and getting his knees and elbows involved too often. Battier was also involved in a couple of confrontations with other players during the game. It's classic Battier. While he might tone it down a bit, don't expect him to change his antagonistic ways defensively. This is the playoffs.


London Fletcher doesn't see any reason to retire at the age of 38.


The SEC experimented with an 8-man referee crew during the Auburn spring game to keep up with the pace of the game.


DJ Drama drops a new track with Travis Porter and Kirko Bangz.


The bridge crashing in Washington State raises questions about the rest of the bridges on the interstate in WA.


Michael Vick still think he is the fastest quarterback in the NFL.


LeBron James doesn't think MJ's scouting report of him is accurate.


President Obama spoke with the Navy about sexual abuse within the ranks, saying the effects of misconduct, "ripple far and wide."


The damage from the tornados will cost anywhere from $2-5 billion.


A FIFA task force seeks a five-match ban for any player found guilty of racism.


2 Chainz is planning a September release for his sophomore album.


A ride into space with Leonardo DiCaprio sold for $3.8 million.


Google and Facebook may enter a bidding war over a mobile mapping company.


North Korea may soon open their borders to day trippers.


The social safety net is supposed to help the poor, but studies show it is actually helping the middle class and very little makes it down to the poor.

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