While You Were Working: Alex Smith Got Traded To Kansas City

The San Francisco 49ers traded Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2013 second round draft pick (34th overall) and a conditional mid-round pick in 2014. There had been reports and speculation that the 49ers already had a deal done with a team, one of which was suspected to be the Chiefs.The deal seems to be good for both teams. Kansas City has a franchise that's a quarterback away from being viable. San Francisco just got done playing in the Super Bowl without this guy that KC was so eager to get. Now all they've done is rid themselves of an awkward situation while setting themselves up well for the future.

That's the second pick in the second round the Niners get back. Perhaps you've heard of Colin Kaepernick.








Anyone else part of that section of folks that can enjoy a good scuffle when you see one? This wasn't necessarily the Pacers of 2005 in the Palace but it will do.

Doug Collins is just looking for answers in Year 3 with the Sixers.

The four Alabama players arrested for robbing their classmates on campus are "no longer associated with the team." If these guys are guilty of robbery, that's inexcusable. But there's still something sort of twisted about Alabama earning $23.6 million for the SEC as the league's top squad last year and being college football's fifth most valuable team, yet the unpaid workers are out here robbing for snacks. Much bigger discussion to be had while these fellas go through the legal system. The NCAA should be there as well.

While the Crimson Tide gets rid of that dead weight, they're offering up this scholarship-for-currency stuff to an 8th grader.



A bus carrying the University of Maine women's basketball team ran off a highway in north Boston, leaving a player with a broken hand and the head coach with facial cuts and bruises. The driver, however, is believe to have had a medical episode and is reportedly in serious condition. The bus crossed oncoming lanes so thankfully this wasn't any uglier.

Odd Future talked about the Grammys with Ciph and Rosenberg:

There's a tense debate going on in Washington, aside from whatever attempts to avoid sequestration in the 11th hour, concerning voter rights laws. Liberals and conservatives are going back and forth, over the provision in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that requires states with a history of discrimination to get approval before changing the voting process. The Supreme Court's conservative justices voiced skepticism on whether the provision is still needed. Who would've thought, right?



Businessweek lists five military cuts that would fix sequestration.

A high school sophomore in Sacramento hid in a gym locker while a thief went through backpacks allegedly pocketing cash. Word had been out already on a string of thefts that kept happening during gym class. The perp? A 30-year veteran teacher.

Poot from The Wire has a new track: "You Think You Know"


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