While You Were Working: “42” Became The New Field Trip

Major League Baseball announced that all 30 teams plan to take middle school and high school students to see the new Jackie Robinson movie 42.


The NFL Network and ESPN agreed to not "tip" picks through social media during the NFL Draft. 


J.R. Smith snagged Sixth Man of the Year honors


Auburn conducted an internal review of its football program that refutes just about every "major" allegation from Selena Roberts' scathing report earlier this month.


A Rutgers basketball player and former student manager defended ex-head coach Mike Rice's intentions when he physically and verbally mistreated players.


Here's the story on how Earl Monroe almost ended up with the Pacers before he was traded to the Knicks, except the Ku Klux Klan presence in Indiana made that a bit difficult to come to terms with. It's an excerpt from his book Earl the Pearl: My Story.


This is why the first round of the NBA Playoffs are fun for guys like Kendrick Perkins. 


New York Republican Senator Greg Ball advocates torture to make terrorist suspects like the Boston marathon bomber squeal. 


Speaking of which, this is worth your time…




A pair of African runners won London's marathon


A decline in the availability of previously-owned homes and the trouble getting access to credit are holding back buyers, stagnating progress in a real-estate market that’s been a source of strength for the U.S. economy.


Ralph Lauren Corp. will cough up $1.6 million because a subsidiary in Argentina repeatedly offered bribes to customs officials. 


Nicki Minaj thinks Gucci Mane needs an intervention


In news that should shock no one, Ryan Lochte takes inspiration from Kim Kardashian. He says she "started from the bottom, now she's here." Not quite, Ryan, but OK. 


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Future dropped "Hands On U."


Kanye West has an unreleased gem off his demo collection The Prerequisite called "Have It Your Way."


Beyonce and Andre 3000 collab for this snippet of "Back to Black" which can found on the Gatsby soundtrack. 

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