While You Were Working: 12.27.12

Nicole Lyons, who Bossip predicted would do this two years ago, is about to become the first African American female NASCAR driver.


Lots of news out of Brooklyn. Avery Johnson was fired today, despite winning Coach of the Month in November. Gerald Wallace called out his teammates last night, questioning their attitude and effort. Finally, Jose Parla will be painting a 70ft mural named the Diary of Brooklyn in the Barclays Center.


Avery's son was none too pleased about the firing.


In the other part of New York, Ray Felton has a broken finger and will likely miss 4-6 weeks.


Seahawks DB Richard Sherman won his appeal for substance abuse. His reaction?


Trey Songz has denied being gay despite this leaked photo of him kissing another dude. Weird for a number of reasons, but didn't he see the reaction to Frank Ocean? It's not really a big deal anymore. But I guess the man has a family, and crazier things have been done with cropping photos…


League personnel are sniping behind Dwight Howard's back, comparing him to Kosta Koufos since his back surgery.


Russell Westbrook has some fresh prints for GQ.


T.I. couldn't knock Taylor Swift from the top spot on the charts.


The Jets, aka the 2012 Customers of the Year, are going back to Mark Sanchez as starting quarterback.


Harry Reid takes a turn to negative town on the fiscal cliff negotiations, saying we're likely to go over the edge. If we do, is there a law that says we can vote everyone out and start over? Can we make one?


Polls show support for gun control is at its highest point in years. Polls also showed the election was going to be close. Be careful.


Raekwon spits over a Gladys Knight classic. Smooth.


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