While You Were Working: 11.29.12

Kris Humphries had a busy day yesterday. After being attacked by Rajon Rondo, Humphries took to Twitter to crack jokes. Fair enough, the fight was probably unnecessary and if it were anyone else but Rondo it might have raised more eyebrows. 


Humphries' name was also in the news after reportedly asking for the diamond engagement ring back from Kim Kardashian.

It must be somewhat tough for Humphries. No other player of his ability is derided like he is. Maybe he got himself into it, but I'm thinking a lot of people might have gotten caught up in a similar situation if Kim K gave you those eyes. 

Humphries is an interesting juxtapostion to last night's Colbert guest, Frank Oz, who did the voice for Yoda, Cookie Monster and Ms. Piggy, among many other characters, who can hide in public because no one knows his face. I bet Humphries wishes he had that freedom sometimes as well.



George H. W. Bush was admitted to a hospital after suffering from severe bronchitis. 


It comes at a somewhat ominous time for the GOP, as foundations that have shaped conservative policy for decades is now being challenged. Saxby Chambliss is one of several Republicans now abandoning the anti-tax pledge created by Grover Norquist, and it could signal large unrest within the party.


The Onion makes the GOP's choice seem so difficult.


Another conservative ideal, same-sex marriage, will soon be heard by the Supreme Court.


Meanwhile, here's an interesting look at the changing power dynamic between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.


In another court case, the Beastie Boys are filing for their case to be dismissed after being sued for copyright infringement, in a growing list of similar cases.


Tyrann Mathieu is heading to the NFL draft.


He may see the field before Michael Vick.


The internet is down in Syria admist the ongoing violence.


Eminem invites Big Sean to the studio.


He didn't invite 50 Cent, and it appears to have made Fif extremely thirsty.


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To bring it all full circle, Dr. Dre is still makin' bank.


The next in line, the artist formerly known as K. Dot, spit a freestyle across the pond.



And, because we need some good music on the site.



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