While You Were Working: 1.3.13

Andy Reid appears set to join the Kansas City Chiefs.


An exhibition soccer match ended early after several black players walked off the pitch while being subjected to racist chants, despite appeals from the PA announcer to stop. Disgusting.


According to exit polls, no one will make the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.


Adrian Peterson may have fallen nine-yard short of Eric Dickerson's regular season record, but he's now coming for Dickerson's single-game postseason record of 248 yards.


On to the next for Ray Lewis…


Stick to dunks, Blake.


Drew Magary spent a day with Snoop Lion, and dubbed him the President Of Weed after the journey. Read more at GQ.


50 Cent has a new partner at SMS Audio: Timbaland.


Arizona is attempting to make parody Twitter accounts a felony.


1 in 24 people admit to nodding off while driving. It is unclear if all of those people are from Arizona.


If Florida lost to Louisville, but no one was there to see it, did they still lose? Sugar Bowl reports lowest attendance since 1935. Yikes.


Alabama shows off their BCS Championship jerseys. Sharp.


The Buffalo Bills are expected to interview Lovie Smith, who was fired by the Bears on Monday.


Meanwhile, Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly has three NFL interviews lined up of his own.


Stan Van Gundy doesn't see where the Washington Wizards can improve, and doesn't see John Wall as a franchise-caliber player.


Q-Tip, Talib Kweli and The Roots perform “Electric Relaxation”


The Jets may turn to Norv Turner for offensive help.


Ab-Soul will have some new music for us in February.


Three things from this Nicki Minaj New Years Eve Vlog: 1. Her life looks far too hectic to enjoy sometimes. 2. At least she can still get down. 3. She needs to hire a new video person ASAP.

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