While You Were Working: 1.29.13

Steroids and illegal substances ruled the morning. Ray Lewis has been tied to a deer antler spray as well as chips designed to improve performance and reduce injury time.


Alex Rodriguez was one of many athletes, in many sports, linked to a clinic in Miami which has now been tied to PEDs. This is going to explode.



Randy Moss says he's the greatest wide receiver ever.


Allen Iverson has declined a spot in the D-League.


Pau Gasol says he will accept his role on the bench and won't request a trade from LA.


Ed Reed agrees with President Obama's concerns about the NFL and the safety of football players. Apparently, many players feel the same way, as the players union is now funding a $100 million study on player injuries from football.


Akron wanted to put players' Twitter handles on the back of their jerseys. Obviously, that old-head NCAA shot them down.


Mario Balotelli will head back to Italy to play for AC Milan.


Jeff Zucker is blowing up CNN.


Curren$y is dropping his next project New Jet City on Super Bowl Sunday. Here's the first release, featuring Wiz and Rick Ross.



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