While You Were Vacationing: The Sacramento Kings Centerpieced DeMarcus Cousins

The Sacramento Kings have expressed their value of center DeMarcus Cousins by paying a visit to his hometown Mobile, Ala., to let him know they consider him to be the cornerstone of the franchise. That became more evident when they agreed to send Tyreke Evans to the New Orleans Pelicans in a three-team deal that brought back Greivis Vasquez from NOLA and a future second-round pick from Portland. 

Even with all of the maturity issues considered, Cousins makes a good case for one of the top three centers in the league, possibly with the highest upside. Drafting Ben McLemore and now swapping Evans for Vasquez makes it a lot clearer whose team this is, and what role the rest of the guys play. 


Meanwhile, the Rockets are pulling out all stops to get Dwight Howard to Houston. GM Daryl Morey, along with a handful of HOFers, have already made their own sales pitch to the free agent center. But now, Morey's kid is getting in on the action. And who could resist the kids? Dwight's got at least five of his own. 


Angels manager Mike Scioscia agrees with Jonathan Papelbon that Yasiel Puig hasn't played enough to be considered an All-Star. You'd think we were talking about the Hall of Fame and an implicated 'roider. 


A ton of folks were at CitiField to watch a fireworks show on Wednesday, but about seven minutes into this clip, the fireworks stop and a totally random video of Fred Lynn hitting the only grand slam in All-Star game history was shown TWICE. 


While the fallout over Paula Deen's racially insensitive comments and work discrimination accusations could cost her an estimated $12.5 million, a serious rise in her book sales is looking like a decent cushion for the cooking star. 


Trayvon Martin's mother testified on Friday that she heard her son screaming on the 911 call made during his encounter with George Zimmerman. Of course, Zimmerman's attorney had to press her and suggest there's a "probability that Trayvon caused his own death." Yep, he's talking about the kid who was pursued in the rain by a grown-up for no legitimate reason and was ultimately shot. 


Perhaps all this time we've underestimated how badly it sucks to drive in Florida, but did y'all realize that as of last year, the state had 455 licensed drivers who were 100 or older, and 65,000 between the ages of 91 and 100?


Check out the Youtube-banned video for Justin Timberlake's "Tunnel Vision," the third single off The 20/20 Experience. 


Meek Mill has a quick "Versace Freestyle" that's worth your time.