“While Easton Is Making Tremendous Progress, He Still Has A Very Long Road Ahead” | LLWS Player Awakes From Coma After Falling From Bunk Bed

Little League World Series player Easton Oliverson has wakened from his coma after he sustained  a fractured skull last Sunday night falling out of a bunk bed at the players’ dormitory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. While this is excellent news, his journey to recovery will be a long one, according to his family.

“While Easton is making tremendous progress, he still has a very long road ahead. We are asking for you to continue to send prayers.”

Oliverson, who is 12, pitches and plays outfield for the Snow Canyon Little League team that’s making its first-ever LLWS appearance this month.

According to Oliverson’s uncle, Spencer Beck, the little leaguer was sleeping on the top bunk when he suddenly fell out of bed and hit his head. Oliverson was immediately rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Following the incident tournament officials said they’ve removed and replaced the beds in Snow Canyon’s dorm out of an abundance of caution.

“Out of an abundance of caution, Little League has made the decision to remove all bunks from within the dorms and have each bed frame individually on the floor,” said Kevin Fountain, senior director of communications for Little League International.

Snow Canyon will still compete in its first game of the World Series in Williamsport on Friday. In a statement Oliverson’s father, who’s a coach on the squad, wanted them to continue onward in the tournament. Snow Canyon is the first team from Utah to ever make the LLWS.

LLWS announced that Brogan Oliverson, Easton’s brother, has been added to Utah’s team and that he’ll be eligible to play in the game on Friday.

“Although many may see this as only a token for the situation we have been dealt, we want everyone to know (Brogan) is a remarkable ball player and merits this opportunity on his own accord. It is also very fitting that he would be able to come and participate with us the way his brother was,” the team said in a statement posted on social media.

Word of what happened to Easton made its way around news media and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts, Easton’s favorite player, sent the young ballplayer a video message.

“I just want you to know we are praying for you, thinking of you, and I hope to see you soon, my man,” Betts said.


It has been an intensely emotional week for the Oliverson family. At the beginning of the week they were uncertain if their son would live and now the prognosis seems good despite the difficult recovery road. All amidst a time that was to be celebratory for the Snow Canyon team making the LLWS.

No doubt Easton’s teammates and the coaches and parents’ hearts are heavy, but with the news that he has come out of the coma, maybe it will allow them a moment to breathe.

In sports we’re always looking for stories that pull at our collective heartstrings. If you have no rooting interest in the LLWS, the boys from Snow Canyon seem like an obvious choice.

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