“When The Kansas City Chiefs Traded Me, I Kinda Took That Personal” | Tyreek Hill Out To Make Chiefs Regret Cutting Ties

Another day and another Tyreek Hill sighting where he discussed his former Kansas City Chiefs team.

First, he threw Patrick Mahomes under the bus by saying his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was more accurate. In reality, Hill never really gave Mahomes the credit he deserves for being a great quarterback. Now Hill is taking shots at his former team as well, saying the Chiefs disposed of him as if he were garbage.

During a recent interview with veteran Miami Dolphins reporter Armando Salguero, Hill addressed a bevy of topics, one being his burning desire to show K.C. that they made a mistake. And another being how he’s motivated to bring Miami a parade in South Beach.

“The thing that really motivates me is kids and family first,” Hill said. “But I see a lot of guys who get paid and they’re just not hungry no more.

And a lot of guys when they get paid, they stop wanting to get better. And I feel like when the Kansas City Chiefs traded me, I kind of took that personal. So now what really motivates me is I feel like they basically just threw me to the side, like I was trash or something.

“I take so much pride in this game and wanting to be the best and wanting to help my team win and have as much success as I can to where I’m not going to let it happen. I’m not going to be another guy who gets the bag and just stops working.

“I’m going to continue to come out here and battle through whatever I’m going through each and every day and compete with the best and call out the best each and every day. I’m going to show them why I’m worth what I got, because truly, and for sure, bro, I am him. Know what I’m saying?”

Andy Reid Says Team Was Aggressive But Reached A CutOff

The Chiefs traded Hill to the Miami Dolphins after the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement on an extension. K.C. was willing to go as high as $23 million to $24 million to keep Reek, but that wasn’t enough. And in a league with a hard cap, you have to make tough decisions, so the team traded him. Hill immediately signed a four-year, $120 million extension in South Beach.

Here’s what Reid said in regard to dealing Hill back in March:

“We came in aggressive with an offer, and after we got to a point, we just said, listen, in this day and age you have issues you have to deal with the cap. So we felt it was better to allow to go ahead and be traded.”

Hill Wants A Parade In South Beach: Grew Up A Dolphins Fan

The Miami Dolphins have done a lot with their roster through the draft, trades and free agency after coming off back-to-back winning seasons under former head coach Brian Flores.

After letting Flores go this offseason the team hired former 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel. He’ll be asked to get the most out of Tagovailoa and a Dolphins offense that Hill believes is Super Bowl caliber. 

Hill says he grew up a Dolphins fan and would love nothing more than to have a parade in South Beach.

“I want to ride in a parade through Miami, Hard Rock and Miami Gardens and just feel that energy. Thats what I’m here for.”

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