What We Learned From NFL Week 9

Josh Gordon continues to save the Patriots’ season. Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Jr continues his assault on NFL passing records.

The Patriots are still smarter than every other organization in the NFL. This may tick you off to hear, but signing Josh Gordon has basically saved the season for what was a very pedestrian offense before the troubled but superiorly talented pass-snatcher joined Brady and Belichick.

Cleveland basically gave away a Top 5 receiver to a team that goes to the Super Bowl every year but was showing signs of slight deterioration —  especially in the long passing game.

When the Browns released Gordon, signaling the end of a tumultuous half-decade career in Cleveland it was bittersweet. The franchise saw him blossom into a Pro Bowl receiver but also lost him for the 2015 and ’16 seasons due to a refusal to chill on his cannabis intake. Before Gordon’s arrival, the Patriots were 1-2 and reeling off consecutive losses to Jacksonville and Detroit. They looked as vulnerable as they ever have. The Jets and Dolphins were looking much improved and there were concerns that this would be the year Brady started to show some rust and Belichick’s magic ran out.

Fast Forward to Week 4 and after New England’s sixth consecutive win — a  31-17 bashing of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday — the Pats are 7-2 and running away with the division again.

Everything is cool in Beantown again. The Super Bowl talk is back. The Pats averaged 19 points per game in games 1-3.

Gordon’s arrival has totally cured those ills. The offense has averaged 35.5 points per game since. Just when you thought the Pats were touchable, Gordon gets snatched up and he’s easily been the Patriots’ most dangerous receiver, bringing everything that they hoped for when they supposedly took this huge risk by signing an obvious All-Pro talent.

On Sunday, Gordon had a season-high 130 yards on just 5 catches. That’s a sick 26.0 yards per grab and the scary part is that he’s still getting worked into the offense.

It’s obvious that the football Gods still shine favorably upon the Pats.

Pat Mahomes Jr. continues to put up crazy stats and chase history as he attempts to become the third NFL QB to record 50 passing TDs in a season. After Sunday’s 37-21 victory over the Browns, Mahomes has already had a better season in 9 games than former KC QB Alex Smith did all last year.


Mahomes was devastating with the pigskin against the Browns  He was 23-of-32 for 375 yards and three touchdown passes as the Chiefs went to 8-1 with a 37-21 victory. With 29 touchdown passes through nine games, he’s one away from the 54-year-old team record. Pro Football Hall of Famer Len Dawson threw 30 touchdown passes for the Chiefs in the old AFL in 1964.

The young Mahomes is going to smash that record and he’s probably the first quarterback in Andy Reid’s coaching career that people credited with making Reid a better coach. All of the QBs Reid has managed in the past were considered benefactors of his genius system to a large degree.

Patrick Mahomes on Twitter

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II (born September 17, 1995) is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He played college football at Texas Tech, drafted by the Chiefs with the tenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Retweet & Like Please. https://t.co/GZnwc1h8sN

Mahomes Jr. IS the system in KC because he can work within the game plan designed by OC Eric Bieniemy or do his own thing and still get the same winning results.

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