What Really Happened At Janoris Jenkins’ House?

The case of Janoris Jenkins and the dead body found at his home has gotten even more bizarre and is bordering on tragic now. 

The Bergen County prosecutors office and Fair Lawn, New Jersey police have charged William Jenkins, the older brother of the Giants cornerback , with aggravated manslaughter.

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BCPONJ & @FairLawnPD announce William H. JENKINS, Jr. of Fair Lawn, charged: Agg. Manslaughter for death of Roosevelt Rene. JENKINS in custody in Ontario Co., NY. Investigation ongoing, unable to release further info. Charges merely accusations. Defendant presumed innocent.

According to Deadspin, Ontario County (N.Y.) district attorney James Ritts had earlier told TMZ that the 34-year-old William Jenkins was ‘a person of interest’ in the case, but that he was not a suspect. TMZ obtained records showing that William Jenkins was arrested in upstate New York at 1:46 a.m. Tuesday on an unrelated parole warrant issue. Thats nearly nine hours before the body of 25-year-old Roosevelt Rene was discovered in the basement of Janoris home in Fair Lawn, some 300 miles away. Janoris has reportedly been in Florida for several weeks, and ESPN reported that his attorneys have advised him to stay there.”

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Also last night in NJ, a man claiming to be Janoris Jenkins’ brother was on a Jet Blue flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark to allegedly meet up with Janoris. The man caused delays because he was too scared to fly according to witnesses I spoke to.

Rene has been identified in multiple reports as a family friend of Jenkins. He was a hip-hop producer who also went by the name Trypps Beats. The situation gets stranger and more intriguing as the details slowly funnel in. 

The Bianchi Law Group’s website says, Manslaughter and Aggravated Manslaughter are similar crimes where a person is killed but the defendant did not the possess the requisite mental state that Murder requires (knowingly or purposely).

Basketball star Jason Williams was charged with aggravated manslaughter when he accidentally shot and killed his driver at a party at his home in 2002. Williams was drunk at the time and after eight years of litigation, he  took a five-year plea deal. If the police are charging Williams Jenkins with aggravated manslaughter, at least we know whatever went down wasn’t malicious or intentional, but it was fatal.   

There are many details to the case that hasn’t surfaced yet. Right now, Janois brother is simply being accused of a crime, but there has to be some evidence to suggest hes implicated if hes been charged. Janoris isn’t saying much, but sources close to him and the Giants say that the cornerback is waiting for the legal process to play out. 

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Multiple sources who have connected directly with Janoris Jenkins told me that the #Giants CB says he’s “good” and “okay” and “waiting for the legal process to play out.

The story gets darker and deeper by the day and we will keep you up to date on the situation as more details surface. Most people will find it hard to believe that a person was killed at Jenkins’ home and he didn’t know about it. 

What was once a quiet offseason for the Giants has turned into a crime mystery that reflects poorly on the NFL and the franchise. 

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