WGA West Helping Add Color to Television with list of Honorees

    The Writers Guild Association West recently announced the 15 winners of its 2014 programming honoring diversity in TV writing. Titled the Writer Access Project, the program was originally launched in 2009 with the aim of helping add some color to TV writers rooms by highlighting those with experience and pushing their scripts before decision makers.  Eligible participants had to submit themselves in one of five categories: minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, 55-and-over writers, and gay and lesbian writers.

    “The intention of the Writer Access Project is very simple. It draws the best, experienced writers who, for whatever reason, have not been able to get their material in front of showrunners and lets their work speak for itself. The focus is put on the one thing that truly matters when hiring a writer: the words he or she puts on the page,” said 2014 WAP Drama judge Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead).  Below is the list of honorees for this year.


    Gloria Calderon Kellet – Accidental Sluts
    Geetika Lizardi – Sofa King
    Cynthia Riddle & Peter Hunziker – Invisible
    Sara Saedi – The Most F**ked Up Book Club Ever


    Beth Armogida – Charlotte Tanner
    Will Berson – Elsinore
    Yule Caise – World Affairs
    Lana Cho – Damaged
    John Lau – The Business of Pleasure
    Susan Gauthier – The Bitches of St. Brigid’s Hall
    Adam Rodman – The Real Thing
    Jared Romero – Repossessed
    Deborah Swisher – Smart Girl
    Marc Scott Zicree – Mad Men: Walking Distance