Wes Welker Goes To The Broncos To Form the Whitest Receiving Corps In The NFL

This is a draft description for one of the wide receivers on the Denver Broncos. Can you guess which player it's about?

Great size, bulk, and muscle definition. Precise route runner. Very strong and can drag people after the catch. Extremely smart and had the highest Wonderlic score at the combine with a 43. Really fights for the ball in the air. Great possession player. Uses his body well to shield defenders. Made a lot of big plays in college. Very good blocker. Tough and will go over the middle.

No, you can't, because white wide receivers are all described the same, and the Broncos are snatching all of them up. 

Wes Welker is the latest addition to the squad that already features Brandon Stokley, Eric Decker (winner of the description contest) and Jacob Tamme for good measure. 

But that description isn't just a good punchline from the ol' scouting department, it's also Peyton Manning's dream ensemble. Throw in Demaryius Thomas, and Manning will have the entire field covered. 

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