Niners Star Deebo Samuel Hangs Up Mid-Interview When Asked About Sore Loser Comments Made Following NFC Title Game Loss To Eagles

Ever since the San Francisco 49ers lost in the NFC Championship Game, as a team they’ve constantly made sore loser comments about falling to the Eagles, who for all intents and purposes walloped them.

One of the main culprits was Niners wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who told Complex in May that the Niners only lost because they “played with 10 people.”

Those comments are in reference to quarterback Brock Purdy sustaining a torn UCL early in the game and pretty much being rendered useless the remainder of the game.

During a recent interview with “The Zach Gelb Show” on CBS Sports Radio, Samuel seemed to take exception when asked about his comments made in May. 

Samuel Hangs Up Mid-Interview

In Monday’s interview, Samuel amswered a myriad of questions, but when Gelb asked him if he still stood on those “sore loser” comments, the former All-Pro “Wideback” was blunt but short.

“I do. But we’re not gonna keep talking about that. I said what I said.”

As Gelb attempted to ask Samuel about what he expects will be his reception when the Niners visit Philly in December, an irritated Samuel ended the interview by hanging up the phone. 

Gelb Shocked By Samuel’s Actions 

Samuel and his teammates have been rather outspoken about how things ended that fateful January day in Philly. But for Samuel to hang up was shocking, but probably smart if he felt he wasn’t gonna say something decent. Samuel’s rep jumped in. 

“All right, we’re good to go,” the rep said, adding that Samuel was going to “head to camp right now.”

A sort of perplexed Gelb closed things with this statement: 

“We got hung up on because all we did was ask him about the quarterback situation, and then Philadelphia, and we got hung up on by Deebo Samuel? That’s a joke, an absolute joke. That’s absurd.”

It’s safe to say Deebo won’t be doing anymore interviews with Gelb in the future. 

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