Weekend in Tweets: 12.31.12

This time of the year has a melancholy feel for NFL fans. On one hand, you’re excited for the playoffs, on the other, you realize Sundays won’t be the same for six whole months. Tony Romo had every opportunity to change the narrative on his career and came up miserably short. Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson showed up big time, RG3 & Alfred Morris played beyond their years and Colts are in the playoffs after some great games. It’s wide open on the road to the Super Bowl.

You almost want to feel bad for the guy.

Nobody could’ve possibly had this one.

Win some and you lose some.

Wow. Kanye and Kim took over twitter.

Black Monday is upon us.

Did you pop a bottle like the '72 Dolphins?

He’s having a very tragic fall.

I’m sure kicking people is part of the Kobe system.

There can’t be that many left.

Big Fundamental still doin’ work.

Much respect is due.

What an amazing season!

How can you not like Arian Foster?

One a day will keep the playoffs away.

Tough times in Chicago.

Talk to the coach and GM, twitter can’t save you.

They’re pretty awful ads.

How much lower can it go?

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