Weekend in Tweets: 12.3.12

UGA and Alabama played in an epic battle. The SEC championship game more than surpassed the hype and showed why it’s the only conference title game that matters. The Falcons, Broncos and Patriots all clinched their divisions while the Texans guaranteed themselves a playoff spot this week. As great as this week was on the field, we did have lots of tragedy off the field. Hearing the stories of Jovan Belcher and Eric Eucker (Browns groundskeeper) both killing themselves at team facilities reminds us all that we never know what people are going through.


Amazing game.


I couldn’t imagine how hard it was.


Batch came to play today.


Will there be In and Out burgers, tho?


Tough times in Tennessee.


That probably wasn’t the best choice.


I’ll be surprised if he comes back this season.


I’m sure she’s not there for her mathematic ability.


Eli is still waiting on his apology.


They’ll only believe you when you win a playoff game.


If he can hold on to the ball he has a future.


Hope you didn’t bet money on this one.


You have too much time on your hands.


Knock it down.


Sanchez might want to put that house on the market.


They’ve moved on you should as well.


It will go down in history.


Damn right.


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