Weekend in Tweets: 12.10.12

Juan Manuel Marquez landed the 2012 equivalent of “the shot heard round the world” on Manny Pacquiao. Johnny Manizel became the first freshman to win the Heisman, the Seattle Seahawks laid the smack down on the Cardinals and the Falcons were slapped back to reality by Cam Newton.


Tweets that make you feel old.


I see you on the come up, Frank.


If all the other incidents haven’t taught him why would we expect him to change his tweets?


Whatever he said didn’t seem to work.


This is what takes for Panthers to get motivated.




One of the best punches you’ll ever see.



You can’t help but to wonder where the power suddenly came from.


You’ve won the game of life.


RG3 is literally shaking hands and kissing babies.


There would be anarchy in the Staples Center.


It’s good but not that good.


Think you’re going to regret this one in the long run.


And it needs to happen ASAP.


Trying to move up the BCS standings.


You had more action with the camera guy on the show than you did in the game yesterday.


I’d be on an island counting my money with a smile.


It will be if you aren’t in it.


Truly, it was an amazing accomplishment.


Terrible situation.


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